Do GTA V Reviews Even Matter?

From RealSG: "Rockstar has made this franchise a big enough name that we know what we're getting ourselves into.

And you're either going to buy it or not, but a review score isn't going to change your opinion.

The only reason review scores are even being discussed today is that a few of them didn't give Grand Theft Auto V a "perfect" score."

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AvidGamerrrr1833d ago

No. They don't. And I agree with you that people need to calm down about 9/10 reviews they don't agree with.

GarrusVakarian1833d ago

I agree, since when was a 9/10 a bad thing?

NukaCola1833d ago

Rockstar's reputation for being a developer of ingenious quality sold me on this game...not the opinion of some jackass who I'll never meet. Same with Naughty Dog or Bungie. There are some who just deliver. Most reviews hold no merit anymore as they are more personal opinions than actual review of the technical aspects of the game . Most seem to hate me for saying it, we need a standard to go off of. And just a side note, why is games the only medium on metacritic that drops from green to yellow at 75 when everything else can drop to 61 and stay green. These things effect sales and the imbalance of a deserving score needs to find some resolution.

GarrusVakarian1833d ago (Edited 1833d ago )

Bubble up for well said.

Who am i going to side with.....a well respected, high quality developer who rarely ever fails to deliver or naysayers of the game?

MeatAbstract1833d ago

I follow quite a few reviewers on Twitter. After a major game release, debates obviously pop up over scores and inconsistencies about the review score when compared to the actual review.

Many, many of these reviews then go into snobbery mode and act like stuck up pretentious tools. It really bothers me. Sometime I wonder if half these reviewers actually care about a fair review or just doing a piece of writing that makes them shine better then others. It really makes the whole process seem pretty redundant when most seem to be in a popularity contest.

In the case of GTA V, it was pointless because everyone wanted this game, everyone knew what this game would deliver and everyone wanted to see it. Reviewers weren't needed here except to ramp up the hype by throwing out good scores.