First Need For Speed Images

Skewed and Reviewed have posted two images from the upcoming Need For Speed Movie. The movie is based on the popular game series and hopes to break the tend of bad game adaptations when it arrives in 2014.

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creeping judas1828d ago

SO basically the movie is based off NFS : The Run?

Garethvk1828d ago

Thats what I am taking from it.

juaburg1828d ago

Aaron Paul! Dig that guy

Garethvk1828d ago

I am curious to see how it goes. I met Uwe Boll many times and I know he is behind some bad movie adaptations but as he told me you get so little beyond the names when you get the rights. Even Wing Commander, Doom and others he did not do had so little in common with the games. EA has this and Dead Space, Ubisoft has Watch Dogs and Assassins Creed, and Sony is shopping Uncharted. Blizzard also has Warcraft and it seems as if studios finally saw the light and are taking a direct hand in producing and developing their titles.