Developers Claim Xbox One Much Weaker Than PS4, We Evaluate The Evidence

HH:One of the ongoing debates between the xbox One and PS4 revolves around the expected performance difference between the two consoles -- or lack thereof. According to Edge, developers have privately stated that the PS4 is significantly faster. A console agnostic game can, according to their sources, run at 30 FPS in 1920x1080 on the PS4, but in the mid-20s on the Xbox One, even with a lower 1600x900 target resolution.

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xHeavYx1771d ago

I said it before, it all comes down to the games, but having a more powerful console always helps.
If specs didn't count, there would be no need to release new consoles, that said, a great game doesn't have to look like a technical marvel with 10,000 enemies on screen and such(I.E Limbo, Journey

Hatsune-Miku1771d ago (Edited 1771d ago )

there are these things called system specs that indicates the power of the consoles. if specs didnt mean anything then we wouldnt be over the ps1 era. i dont understand why people cant accept the specs and move on. the ps4 is more powerful than the xbox one.

people who are delusional thinks the xbox one can outperform the ps4 when its not as powerful. reminds me of the sprinters that said they will beat usain bolt in a race but when told by reporters their average times vs usain bolts they scoff and said that doesnt mean anything and in the end they lose to usain bolt.

MWong1771d ago

Well the PS1 & PS2 era were very fun!!!

alexkoepp1771d ago

Remember the 360 was the weaker of the consoles this gen supposedly but the vast majority of mulitplatform titles were better on 360 (though not all)

Also remember the Xbox had the hardware advantage over PS2 but PS2 sold 6 times the units as the xbox

xHeavYx1771d ago

Most multiplat games looked better on the 360 because the PS3 was harder to develop for. There are different times now, so those "Remember 15 years ago when..." point sare no longer valid

tokugawa1771d ago

well, if this is true, then we will see a difference in november. no excuses

Mithan1771d ago

Of course specs matter, but to make it sound as big as you guys do, is insane. Obviously, you have no clue how hardware works.

PS: The difference isn't 50% either.

quenomamen1770d ago (Edited 1770d ago )

Agreed, math never lies. Let me put it like this,
You have two race cars, one with lets say 500 horsepower and one with 550 HP.
Now, 550 more ponies will do you no good if yourdriver and crew suck, BUT if they are good you will always have an advantage over the other team.

So there you have it, yes it will come down to the people making the games to take advantage of the extra power but the same thing goes for the other teamas well. Everybody in denial keeps saying " the games will me made to use the most out of the Xbone " like all Xbone Devs are the smartest and brightest ? Both teams have great World Champion F1drivers and some with a couple of DUIs under their belts.

All things being equal, I'll take the car with extra ponies that just happens to cost $100 less and that's not being sold to me some jive talking salesman who at first told me that the car wouldn't run if I didn't call him everytime I tried to drive it, i couldn't let my friends drive it, or would not run if I disconnected the rear view camera. Then changed his mind completely.

p0tat0stix1770d ago


Regardless of the subject at hand, you are absolutely wrong in saying the past is irrelevant.

Past events/trends are absolutely relevant to predictions of future outcomes. They are not the only indicators, but they can't be ignored either.

Each issue that affected the last generation may very well exist in the coming Gen.

Comnnsence1770d ago (Edited 1770d ago )

This comparion of PS3 vs Xbox 36 really getting annoying. This is the past and commonsense would tell us that some companies learn from their past. Therefore why do you think that Sony place so much emphasis in this generation?????

It's because they learned from all the backlash of the cell chip. It also seems like no one is taking into consideration that the Xbox 360 had a year lead that gave developers enough time to get acclimated with the system. On to the "Xbone", this generation, majority can agree that Microsoft did made the same mistakes that Sony did with the PS3.

Eventhough PS4 do have a better process, it would come down to first party to show their true color of which i chose PS4.

Pain1770d ago

This generation of fanboys are flat out brain dead morons that believe stupid stuff like X1 being stronger then PS4.. we call them "Delusional" they should seek a doctor and get help cuz anyone that thinks a Ford Focus can out perform a Ferrari or in the case of x1 vs ps4 have to be mental or just flat out stupid.

Gaming1011770d ago

Analyzing the evidence? How about waiting for actual games to come out before you make that judgement.

Plus, the only thing left to analyze other than the word of the developers is the specs, which have been analyzed to death. PS4 is more powerful on paper, end of discussion. It will be innovation and exclusives that rule the day, just ask what the PS2 did to the original Xbox.

mewhy321770d ago

The facts are the facts. The PS4 is the most powerful console ever and there's just no getting around it, deal with it, buy a PS4 and forget the bone.

mewhy321770d ago

Well if you want to pay 100.00 more for inferior hardware then have at it LOL.

dmeador1770d ago

The only thing that matters is this:
better games/experience>>>be tter graphics.

Guess what the best game to come out in the next year will be? GTAV. Even though lots will come out with better graphics. Thats what I care about, and what about everyone does if they had to choose. Everyone needs to give it a rest on which console is more powerful

miyamoto1770d ago (Edited 1770d ago )

@ Alex
The SNES can display 256 colors than the Genesis with 64; has Mode 7 scaling, better Sony sound chip than Genesis' Yamaha, had true 3D technology, was released 1 year later than the Genesis..etc etc

The early multi-plats a looked like that on PS3 360 has nothing to do with 360 being weaker. You make no sense at all.

Aside from the fact that PS3 is really hard to develop for M$ has a contract with developers to make PS3 multi-plats "on par" with their version.
They pay developers and publishers for that clause and enforce parity when it comes to graphics and content.
which they are still doing with PS4 and Xbone multi-plats.
Which is really irritating because M$ is "Crabs in a Bucket" company.

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Blaze9291771d ago (Edited 1771d ago )

"According to Edge, (unknown) developers have (privately)..."

lol man, this just won't stop coming back up huh. Seems like developers are saying this more and more lately but really, just blogs milking a very wealthy cow

Regis1771d ago

Who is the developer though thats the question no one ask. If I don't know who said it how can it be a reliable source? Its just developers? Ok who is saying this. To just say developers say this means that they are an uncertified source. Is it that much of a pain to ask for a name? Its hard for me to see if this is true? Yes the PS4 is the better console, however if "dev." say its the better console then the person writing the article can forge the source.

DigitalRaptor1770d ago (Edited 1770d ago )

"Who is the developer though thats the question no one ask"

You're right, but I'd take a stab at it perhaps being developers who don't want to lose their jobs by exposing their identities, due to video game publishers and their scummy internal politics.

Eonjay1770d ago

Funny thing is, no one, public or privately, has said that the Xbox is more powerful.

cleft51770d ago

The last time a high up guy openly commented on a system specs or restriction he was fired and demonized, or have you forgotten about Adam Orth. The guy was demonized and fired for stating what turned out to be the truth about the Xbox One. Looking back on it all, his deal with it comment was the least harsh thing that came out of that reveal.

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Septic1771d ago

Yeah but tech specs can be very important too.

MS can't rely as heavily on third party games if the difference between the visuals and performance of those games are vastly superior on the PS4.

So now it really needs to bolster it's first party content and we know how they have faltered in that regard as far as quantity of exclusives are concerned.

If the PS4 turns out to be 50% more powerful and the games show that difference, then unless MS pulls off something special, the X1 is in serious trouble. We'll see come November.

Blaze9291771d ago (Edited 1771d ago )

why can't we see come now? Come June? Come August? Come September?

We haven't "seen" anything that shows the PS4 is 50% more "powerful". You'd think SUCH a big gap would be noticed day 1 with a PS4 game compared to an Xbox One game.

Now the 50% FASTER claim? That could be true, i can't 'see' speed in such a way that I know it's a 50% difference. But power? We would all notice that from day one.

PS4 exclusives will no doubt so that magic and looks like inFamous Second Son will have to be the contestant for judging.

Some will name Killzone Shadow Fall but...come on.

I know I'll get disagrees like I'm some kinda fanboy or something. I really dont care about the cheerleader aspect of this immature site - but I just really want some reasoning with this 50% POWER difference people keep stating as fact now.

HiddenMission1771d ago


It's not just KZSF it's what were are seeing from inFamous Second Son and Titanfall. Open worlds take more power from the console to to look truly amazing compared to boxed in Multiplayer games.

I know I was at PAX Prime this year and I played XBI titles like Ryse, TitanFall and Killer Instinct and KZSF and even AC4 on PS4 looked better than the exclusives on the XB1.

People who say I'm wrong didn't go to the event or say that how could I tell they weren't side by side...well I say this the booths were right next to each other so yes they were side by side.

Many and do mean many devs have confirmed this and MS has been on PR damage control because of if you think this isn't true you are only really fooling yourself.

Sevir1770d ago

Why can't we see come now? I believe MS has answered that question for you!

Every game on next gen hardware that's been shown so far that is multiplatform has either been the PS4 version or a high end PC representing the Xbox one with an Xbone gamepad.

There has been clear ambiguity from MS where the only games seen running on actual Xbox One hardware has been the Xbox One exclusives... Every EA game including Titan fall that's coming to Xbox one was ran on PC, Just last month at Gamescon the first console demonstration of Battlefield was Demonstrated on A PS4... Dice had no Xbox One version on hand and they showed off PC version of most of their footage...

Assassins creed and Need For Speed, Watch dogs, Fifa... The list goes on...

And please don't behave as if that's not the case, because there hasn't been any Xbox footage of multiplats, the fact is Devs are saying it. And it's getting under people's skins because they believe weaker is negligent, yet No developer making Xbox one games is praising it or putting footage up for comparison, but we have comparisons of PS4 to PC comparisons, watch_digs, Assassin's Creed, Battlefield and even Destiny... So

There's your reason...

It's why people say that November, MS will have to show and prove and hiding won't be an option when both next gen games are gonna be there for technical break downs..

Kryptix1770d ago

I believe this is in some way good for Xbox One purchasers if you are aware of Microsoft's history. They used to mostly rely on 3rd party support because graphically and performance wise, they were more superior to the PS3 versions. And that really gave a lot of console gamers a reason to buy the 360 because of that.

The weaker specs will make Microsoft up their exclusive count even more to match with the PS4 and give people a reason to buy an Xbox One. But if they aren't able to in a short period of time, then they're going to lose a large portion of market share. Honestly, Microsoft are in trouble because Sony are very consistent at releasing AAA exclusives showing the power of the console even in the earliest years. Especially with Naughty Dog, Santa Monica, and Media Molecule, all the heavy hitters, developing something right now, Microsoft will face a challenge in a short period of time. The VGAs is going to be crazy...Microsoft better step their game up.

BallsEye1770d ago


Knowing community on this site, you will get replies saying that Ryse and Forza look last gen and use some prebacked crap (which is a lie btw ) and then they will say indie on ps4 look already better than any XO title that struggles getting 20 fps in 720(which is also a lie).

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colonel1791771d ago

It all comes down to SALES, not games. Sadly, developers will look at sales-not performance-to determine whether they should use a console's potential. We all know that Sony will release their exclusives and they will take advantage of every bit of performance of the PS4, and the same will be true for Xbox One. However, Third Party developers don't care about which console is more powerful, but which one sells more. Otherwise, the Wii U wouldn't be struggling when it comes to third party games.

If PS4 sells more than the Xbox One (with a noticeable difference), developers will start making more (and better) games for PS4. There will be more exclusive content, or exclusive (timed?) for PS4. The same could happen if the opposite happens. I

If the difference in sales for the consoles is negligible, then third parties will do what they have been doing for a long time. They will make the game as identical as possible for both consoles and ignore any technological (or even feature) differences.

Sad but true.

DigitalRaptor1770d ago (Edited 1770d ago )

I agree with many of your points. PS4 is a very approachable and friendly beast that affords developers more mature tools for development and a far quicker turnaround for their games according to several sources. That usually leads to increased profit.

"There will be more exclusive content, or exclusive (timed?) for PS4."

There already is more exclusive content. 21 publishers have signed deals for exclusive content for Sony, many of which will be for PS4.

Now a lot of this, based on Sony's track record, will be actual exclusive content, not 30 days of exclusivity on mainstream shooters, so really Sony is already pushing ahead before things have really begun to heat up.

otherZinc1770d ago (Edited 1770d ago )

I said it before:

If the PS4 were 50% more powerful than the XBOX ONE, the PS4 would have Drive Club working at 1080p "native" @ 60fps. No Excuses!

Writers continue to neglect the "Hot Chips" conference and the presentation M$ gave. Also, what was said by "".

I don't want to hear Drive Club has day night cycles. It's easy to do night game, everything can be done in hiding in "vid doc" like darkness. There could be a giant Pink Elephant running in the mountains and we can't see it.

I don't want to hear that Drive Club has "Dynamic Lighting"; Forza 5 has "Dynamic Range Lighting". Same goes for realtime reflections, damage, and effects.

Show me in game, not talk, like Forza 5 1080p "native" 60fps.

DigitalRaptor1770d ago

Go ahead and admit, you don't even understand what's going on in DriveClub, do you?

Magicite1770d ago

I don't want to hear Drive Club has day night cycles. It's easy to do night game, everything can be done in hiding in "vid doc" like darkness. There could be a giant Pink Elephant running in the mountains and we can't see it.

I don't want to hear that Drive Club has "Dynamic Lighting"; Forza 5 has "Dynamic Range Lighting". Same goes for realtime reflections, damage, and effects.

Thats the point, YOU DONT WANT TO HEAR, cos ur an xbot.

SoulSercher6201770d ago

If it's so easy to do day and night cycles why isn't in Forza 5?

walkincarpet1770d ago

I agree with you heavy, but in addition to specs, features count and I'll take the X1 features over PS4 graphics any day. I've been gaming since Atari and do appreciate the graphical upgrades with each new generation, but what has me drooling for this next gen is the game changing innovations that X1 brings. I owned PS3, Wii, and 360 and played mostly on 360 due to the controller and xbox live. This next gen may be the first time I stick to One console...

Gekko361770d ago


Fuckin good point!

I'm surpriused, this is the first amlost balanced article you've written. So forgive me if I sit down and consult my madic eight ball for some reasurrance.

I like your comments and dispare with them in equal measure. It's a bit like Jordan in the UK (topless model). She said that she's like "Marmite" (stuff you put on toast forthe uninitiated), that you either like her or your don't (sort of 50/50). However I think that it's more like, half the country hates her and the other half thinks she belongs on the end of a knife.

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sigfredod1771d ago

Good article impartial, but still is obvious that the PS4 is more powerful

NatureOfLogic1771d ago (Edited 1771d ago )

"Please wait until release till we see da games. It buys us a little more time to come up with some more spin material." says the average Xbox fanboy. It's funny that the same fanboys bragging about superior multiplats this entire gen no longer think the difference matters, even though the difference will be even greater this time.

hazardman1771d ago

That's because to a real gamer it doesn't matter. Also PS 1st. party dev showed that the PS3 was in fact the more powerful console. Its probably gonna be the same this gen, where devs make multiplats look similar but first party does best job on respective hardware.

Boody-Bandit1771d ago (Edited 1771d ago )

spongebob FTW!

He reminds me of my mother in-law. In that she too has a square @ss. But unlike my mother in-law, I actually like spongebob.

True_Samurai1771d ago

Not really but I'll get it in a year so

FITgamer1770d ago

You just contradicted yourself. If you don't like the PS4 why would you buy it?

True_Samurai1770d ago

^^^ not that interested enough to buy it right away or day one

Roper3161771d ago

is Sony or MS say it I kind of just let it go in one ear and out the other. When Devs say it you know it's true especially when it comes from Multiplat devs.

All's that tells me is to make sure I don't preorder or buy any MP's until there is a big price drop. Why pay top dollar for a game that will be gimped to make it even across all platforms? One dev already said that is what they would do in a article on here last week.

Death1771d ago

It comes from annonymous "devs". Put a name to it and we can see how impartial they are. Kojima praises the systems power and the new Kinect. That is the only named source we have seen. Microsoft released their specs on the entire machine. Playstation fans for whatever reason don't believe these published specs. They claim the eSram is a non-factor. We will see when the games come out.

boneso821771d ago

Do you realise how much Microsoft is paying Kojima?

Microsoft published specs but how long did it take? in the reveal in may they knew it wasn't as powerful as PS4 and they skirted around the important figures, instead quoting "5 billion transistors" and "the power of the cloud"

You have no idea what eSRAM is or does so why do u put faith in it instead of tried and tested gddr5?

Roper3161771d ago (Edited 1771d ago )

" Adrian C. (Former People Can Fly) Claims His Dev Friends Claim 50% XB1/PS4 Speed Diff"

That doesn't look anonymous to me and he's from a company that just made the last Gears game so it's not like he's anti MS.

Like I said all's it does for me is to make sure I don't buy any 3rd party multi titles until they have been proven to take full advantage of both systems capabilities or until it's at least in the $30 range.

edit = link

Death1771d ago (Edited 1771d ago )

I do know what eSram is. I also know that we have never seen GDDR5 used for a CPU. Graphics Double Data Rate version 5 is not intended for CPU's. This is a crutch for the CPU, not an advantage. It does give an edge for the GPU, but that is half the equation. The GPU in the PS4 will be doing calculations for the CPU because of this. This is taking resources away from the GPU since theyare not infinite.

Microsoft and Sony both went to the same manufacturer for their CPU/GPU solution. The issue both had was how to use a unified pool of memory for both. Microsoft went a more complex route with their DDR3/eSram solution. It is capable of more theoretical bandwidth then the PS4's relatively simple GDDR5 solution. It is up to developers to take advantage of the more complex solution just like it was for the Cell.

Here it is in context.

Blaze9291771d ago

"Do you realise how much Microsoft is paying Kojima? "

This is why you cannot engage in debate with people like @boneso82

edgeofsins1770d ago

Praising system power doesn't mean he is saying it is stronger. He didn't say anything was superior. I don't know if that was your intention.

You forget 3 gigs of RAM is dedicated to the XBox One OS, and why are you talking only about RAM and not the other superior PS4 specs?

Death1770d ago

Not implying he says it's more powerful. At the same time he's not implying it's weaker like many seem to believe. As for other superior specs, the PS4 has a 7800 series derived GPU vs the Xbox One which is closer to a 7700 series. Big plus on the PS4 side, but at the same time if resources of the GPU are being used to help the CPU due to the GDDR5 use, those resources are not unlimited.

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