Grand Theft Auto V PS3 Can’t be Pre-Loaded in North America, Sony Comments

Well, it hasn't been the smoothest of pre-launches for Grand Theft Auto V on the PSN as Rockstar previously tweeted that "those who’ve pre-ordered GTAV on PSN will be able to preload the game as follows: Sunday 3PM BST in Europe, Monday 3AM EST [12AM PST] in the US", but it looks like they were wrong. - PSLS

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Prcko1431d ago (Edited 1431d ago )

oh boy,this sucks

Tskales1431d ago

Indeed. Sony can't be perfect all the time.

Expect loads of xbox fans to say they've just cancelled their PS4 pre order.

AutoCad1431d ago (Edited 1431d ago )

i just did..360 copy at midnight.

lol people sarcasm humor is turned down today.

Dan_scruggs1431d ago

Xbox fanboys don't have PS4 preorders.

JoGam1431d ago

Guys they are talking about pre-orders from PSN. They Can't be cancelled.

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Albie3601431d ago

Mother fuckers!!!!!!!! I preordered the psn digital download. Only trouble is my connection is 2mb. So I will be downloading till Thursday. Thank you sooooooooo fucking much.

JoGam1431d ago

If true, that would be your stupid mistake not Sony. You knew you had a slow internet connection before you preordered.

Albie3601431d ago (Edited 1431d ago )

To JoGam

Albie3601431d ago

To JoGam
Fuck off wise ass. Ever heard of region free and living in Africa. My local game store will not have gta v available in minimum two weeks. So go figure. DIGITAL.
We are not all Mall Rats like YOU.

GarrusVakarian1431d ago

Man, way to twist the knife.

Soldierone1431d ago

And people want all digital consoles? lmao

The_Infected1431d ago (Edited 1431d ago )

What's the difference? The physical copy don't come out until tonight anyways. With next gen you can play almost soon as the download starts anyways so there want be no wait.

doctorstrange1431d ago

Physical - Buy at midnight, play 5 mins later
US digital - Download at midnight, play hours later, maybe even a day depending on your speed.
EU digital - Download the day before, play at midnight.

just-joe1431d ago

Seeing as it was stated that you could pre-load it a day before release, this is an issue. This shows the flaws of digital only.

Angerfist1431d ago

wrong. Some People got GTA on Saturday, a few even earlier. I find it absurd paying 60-70€/$ for a Game You cant even resell. The only, and i mean only advantage of a digital Copy is no wear on the Disc Drive.

Persistantthug1431d ago (Edited 1431d ago )


I'm VERY pro physical copy...very.

But with that said, there is a benefit to digital...especially on the PS3.

Game Sharing.
Instead of having to buy 2 copies for me and my little nephew to play GTA 5, we can both be enjoying it with the same copy.

Game Sharing is especially awesome when it comes to Co Op games like BORDERLANDS 1 & 2.

Soldierone1431d ago

How do you know? Right now "play as it downloads" is just a promise. What was this? A promise to pre load the game and play it at midnight. That promise failed due to flaws. Whats stopping "instantly play" from having issues? Nothing. If you can't download it, you can't instantly play.

I have the fastest internet in my state and it still takes hours for a game of this size to download, let alone install.

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WeAreLegion1431d ago

That sucks, but at least I got 75% off all the Rockstar games I didn't already own and I got GTA V for only $30.00. My brother and I split the cost of digital games, so we can each download a copy. ^_^

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