Nether Alpha Gameplay Footage Shows Off PvP Action

The minds over at Phosphor Games Studios have released a new video showcasing their upcoming survival-horror game MMO, Nether, and just how terrible a plan can go when taking on other humans and taking on the eponymous Nether creatures.

The video, which you can view below, shows off work-in-progress alpha footage of a team of survivors scouting out a key loot spawn area held by another team of players. While they plot out their plan in a nearby highrise building, all hell breaks loose when a sniper's shot brings the Nether rushing it.

As detailed in my post on the debut of Nether, the game is meant to take the things gamers loved about DayZ, like trying to outsmart monsters and other humans alike, but apply it to a more dynamic and vertical city environment, and with relentless foes like the Nether who are much more fearsome than your average zombie.

Nether is currently accepting beta registrations on their website; for a closer look at the game, check out the previously released gameplay video and screenshots.

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skept3k1645d ago

Aww why stop the video right before the kill?!

ATi_Elite1645d ago

way to not help your teammates.

try firing a shot once in a while.

not a good video

TekoIie1645d ago

He only had 5 shells. I assume he felt they would be better spent on a human target.

TrulyNextGen1645d ago

Looks a lot like Stalker. I'm excited for this one!