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Ultimately, Guerilla Cambridge has answered the desperate call by offering a must-have shooter experience for the Vita. Utilizing the Killzone 3 engine, the game looks fantastic and more importantly feels like Killzone in the palm of your hand.

Sure, the campaign is short-lived and may require multiple plays-through in order to purchase the more punishing weapons without entering the multiplayer, it doesn’t matter. Killzone Mercenary is simply too fun to miss. The multiplayer is really hard to put down.

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chestnut11221710d ago

KZ:Mercenary's Strongest Point > Multiplayer. That is what an FPS game should be.

abusador1710d ago

I dont even know why they highlighted that as its sp is better than sps from most full fledged games on console systems. I just finished the sp yesterday and it was an awesome ride.

I am still baffled at how this game can be on a handheld with its great Kz2 like graphics!!!!!

Aceman181709d ago

i just finished it today, and i agree the sp was awesome and intense.

PoSTedUP1710d ago

playin it non stop loving every minute of it. good review.

TrulyNextGen1709d ago

I'm so happy to have a great shooter on Vita! It will get me warmed up for the PS4 Killzone.