Angry readers want Gamespot reviewer fired after her GTA V review

Readers launch petition to fire Carolyn Petit after she mentioned misogyny on her review for GTA V.

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ZBlacktt1432d ago ShowReplies(10)
Marcello1432d ago

How pathetic can you get. Her review is just her opinion too which she has a right too.

LOGICWINS1432d ago

But in a professional review, an opinion has to be relevant to the game in question. Its like a reviewer docking a point from GTAV because he or she feels its too violent.

Or docking points from a racing game for not having a story.

It doesn't make sense.

NegativeCreep4271432d ago (Edited 1432d ago )

You're right.

How would I look if I worked over at Gamespot or IGN and I gave all the Yakuza games a 1/10 because I didn't like Japanese people because they bombed us at Pearl Harbor.

"They bombed our harbor, so I don't like this game. One out of Ten. Don't buy it"

Ad Hominem should not be considered when reviewing a good or a product.

Edit: Regardless of anyone's personal opinions of the Yakuza games and their actual quality as games, my theoretical argument still stands.

PurpHerbison1432d ago (Edited 1432d ago )

To be fair... Yakuza is a repetitive boring game that deserves a 1/10.

jmc88881432d ago (Edited 1432d ago )

Except she didn't dock any points for it.

Critical thinking is a must. She made a comment that didn't alter the score, but everyone is assuming that must be the ONLY reason it isn't a 10.

Why does GTAV even need to be a 10? A 5 would still be worth playing, and we all knew it wasn't going to even get that.

If these console versions are a 10, what is the PS4/PC/Xbox One version supposed to get?

Kurylo3d1432d ago (Edited 1432d ago )

just cause she mentions the game is sexist... isnt a reason to be mad at her. Shes not lieing lol. But we dont care. We like half naked women and stupidity. Kinda part of the reason to buy the game... so why get so insulted cause she speaks the truth. Does it blow your mind that she might be right. And since she is right, the better question is does her opinion matter? lol And in fact the best question is who has so much time on their hands that they want to take away someone elses way of paying their bills because their feelings were hurt over a product tehy had nothing to do with in the making.

LOGICWINS1432d ago

^^I'm not mad at her, I just think shes stupid lol. Everyone whose played GTA3 has known that the GTA franchise has been misogynistic to women ever since we first killed a prostitute and got our money back. Thats what GTA is players a safe avenue to realize their most vile and deviant inner desires.

GTAV shouldn't be criticized for whats its SUPPOSED to be. Its brash, violent, and unforgiving.

Marcello1432d ago

I dont think she docked any points for in her opinion about the portrayal of women in the game, just she would have preferred to see it differently but still its her opinion she has a right to air it & we have the right to ignore it. To go make a petition to get her sacked over it is utter nonsense.

Anon19741432d ago

So, what? We're supposed to call for the heads of anyone who mentions "misogyny" in relation to GTA5? Because, I hate to break it to everyone..but that word is cropping up a fair bit in reviews I've read for GTA5. And as reviews are opinions, if the level of misogyny in the game was something that turned a reviewer off, I think it's their duty as a reviewer to explain this and review accordingly. That's what reviews are for.

Jim Sterling didn't give a perfect score for the game either because he found the main characters somewhat unlikable. That's his opinion. I don't agree with every review I read so what I do is find a reviewer who's opinions generally line up with my own and then those of the reviewers I tend to lend weight to when deciding which game to buy. It's not rocket science.

If someone reviews a racing game and bashes it for not having a story, guess what...chances are I'm not going to put much stock in their reviewers. It doesn't make their opinion somehow invalid. Opinions are opinions. You agree with them or you don't.

If she found the sexism a problem in the game, I'm glad she mentioned it because that's what game reviewers are about, the reviewers opinion. If the level of sexism bothered a reviewer of a movie I'd expect them to mention it too. She seemed more bothered by the character inconsistency, but all in all she seemed to really like the game. I don't understand what the big deal is here.

It's days like this where the level of stupidity on display by so called "gamers" just leaves me shaking my head, just like the Diablo 3 petitions, just like the Mass Effect 3 nonsense. Just play the goddamned game.

abzdine1432d ago (Edited 1432d ago )

stupid readers.. that's all i have to say!
GTA has and will always be overrated! just cause it's called GTA..

Dee_911432d ago

i.... i actually agree with logic... i'm going to go lay down now..
But trying to get him fired is a bit too much..

Gster1432d ago (Edited 1432d ago )

Is it just me, or does anyone else find it a bit of a coincidence that they gave probably the two best games of this generation a below par 8/10 (TLOU included). Just makes me wonder, because I think they are both the lowest scores we are gonna see on any website for these two gems!

SilentNegotiator1432d ago (Edited 1432d ago )

"But it didn't affect the score!"

How do you know? Any feeling that the reviewer has could end up affecting the score. Especially when it irritates them enough to mention it.

Something tells me the issue of misogyny is a rather new issue in this...lady's life, and that's why they are obsessing over it a bit much.
....basically, "go figure"

Chris_GTR11432d ago (Edited 1432d ago )

dude is it just me or is the gamespot reviewer actually a man dressed as a woman? a trensgender i guess? that voice sounded like a mans voice and holy shit by looking at that picture thats defenetly a guy dressed as a woman.

seriously? what woman has a face like that

Gster1432d ago

Sorry GS, my mistake. I thought it was because of a lower than expected score. Just realised its a 9! ooops That's what I get for jumping into the comment section without reading the article first. But I can't see what the fuss is about. So what if she expressed her own opinion and it didn't stand well with some of the gaming community. Have her fired... pppff! give us a break

GrizzliS19871432d ago

When did a review become an opinion is all i'm saying :/

There should be a strategic scale based on Do's and Dont's for each genre, with each topic scaled from 1 to 10, from graphics, to performance, to quality and quantity, not directly compared to ANY previous games, but just to its own identity.

I am surprised there is not a single reviewer out there who follows the same system for ANY game, based on the same criteria that makes up his complete strategy for reviewing.

There should be someone like this, more simply, a go to reviewer that throws all opinion out the window and bases the game on what it is.

This can be a potential cash cow :/

Gigaguy7771432d ago

If it's okay for them to do it, she can do it.

mrbojingles1432d ago

Of course it makes sense to dock points for sexism and bad treatment of a race/ethnicity in a game. Because gamers detest feminists so much the community acts like they're in the right here. But if the game treated another social group poorly it would be a different story. If you can take off points for films/books/music for hurting a social group then games are no exception

starchild1432d ago

I hate when reviewers try to use their review as a platform for their political views.

These kinds of things are extremely personal. We generally avoid talking about religion and politics with people we don't know well and when you put those views into a game review it feels kind of like you are trying to shove your views down the readers' throats.

Blacklash931432d ago

It doesn't make sense. But it's nothing we haven't seen before (W101 got a few mentioning this) and nobody gave a peep.

It's not a big deal. People have the right to be idiots. Reviews are no stranger to this kind of thing and there's no reason to get self-righteous over it.

brave27heart1432d ago

"GTAV shouldn't be criticized for whats its SUPPOSED to be. Its brash, violent, and unforgiving."

How about we criticize it because its supposed to be these things? Isnt it about time we stopped accepting sexism in games for the sake of being brash? There are plenty of games out there that dont need to be excessive, overly violent and insensitive to be amazing games. Why do we accept it in some titles simply because its always been that way?

LOGICWINS1431d ago

^^Simple. We accept it because we like it, hence why the GTA franchise breaks records everytime it comes out. If you dont like it, then dont buy it.

SonyWarrior1431d ago

after seeing this i will not be visiting gamespot till she is fired. Her avatar is a picture of her self and it explains alot... LOL ugly nasty looking "girl".

Spoons1431d ago

Sorry, but how can you possibly review a complete game without any opinion at all?

snipes1011431d ago

The treatment of characters IS part of the game. Anyone suggesting otherwise is lying to themselves. For this game to pretty much treat women as objects, that WILL turn people off. To the people that would turn off, this review would speak to them. The game is said to be 35 hours long just in story, if someone would be bothered by sexism, then they would want to know that it's in there.

If reviewers listened to half of you, there would be literally no reason for more than 1 game site to review a game, because they would all say almost the exact same thing. Reviews shouldn't, and never will be, objective. To review it subjectively would make reviews nearly pointless.

JD_Shadow1431d ago

Does she deserve death threats? Nope!

Do people have the right to question the opinion, though? Yep!

Just because someone doesn't have the opinion you want someone you have, you shouldn't ask for someone to die or anything like that. But being sympathetic about someone getting such threats doesn't necessarily make the opinion that got such comments agreeable!

Christopher1431d ago (Edited 1431d ago )

She brought up lots of issues with the game and one item of opinion on how women are portrayed. Absolutely nowhere did they say that her opinion of the women is what caused the loss of a point, especially considering the many issues she brought up.

So, you can't honestly say she docked points because of this. There is no proof of it, only speculation.

wishingW3L1431d ago

Example of a completely objective review:

Yes, they are pointless.

UnwanteDreamz1431d ago (Edited 1431d ago )

I think her opinion is stupid and about as useful as an elevator in an outhouse.

I also believe she has a right to express her opinion.

Bimkoblerutso1431d ago (Edited 1431d ago )

There is a backlash over this for the simple fact that people have, over time, been conditioned to look at reviews as a form of "cheerleading," when in reality, they exist solely to present perspective.

A woman playing a game that contains violence towards women may very well be more sensitive to that sort of thing than a man. While we, as men, don't necessarily have to agree with or relate to that sentiment, it still presents us with a perspective that we would otherwise never have considered.

If you want completely objective articles and media, you need to look to previews, screenshots and videos wherein there is no subjective input, but in a perfect world, people should be able to read and consider dissenting opinion without going into fits of nerd rage in the first place.

Gaming1011431d ago

The problem is, she's inserting her feminazi view of a game targeted towards a largely male audience. It's like someone giving Battlefield 4 or Call of Duty Ghosts a bad review complaining that it's racist towards middle eastern people, because you happen to be fighting people in the middle east. It's politically correct bullshit, and these people need to stop waving their PC wands around, forcing their opinions on everyone else. It doesn't belong in an objective review where discussions about gameplay, graphics, mechanics etc should take first priority over whether a particular reviewer's personal taste matches up with the taste of the creators.

This is art, and art is not meant to be inoffensive. Art is not supposed to be safe, and PC, protecting any and all sensitivities of any personal group who might get offended. Sometimes art is meant to be offensive, and make you think about things. Sometimes the characters in art are meant to be racists, or misogynists, they are imperfect as we are all imperfect. This is what makes GTA so compelling, the characters are all imperfect going through their own struggles like we all are, they're not perfect superheroes with a moral compass that's higher than the rest of us.

This is art, don't shit on it because you don't like some of the characters or their decisions.

xXxSeTTriPxXx1431d ago

dont understand why gamers gave these (so called) professional reviewers the scapegoat opinion card.

When you put PROFESSIONAL in front of something we expect just that.

Everyone's "opinion" is bias in some form, professionals don't have that luxury.

Do your job or find a new one.

brave27heart1431d ago

You cant keep opinion out of a review. Its impossible.

"The characters are interesting..." - Opinion

"The variety lf things to do in Los Santos is staggering" - Opinion

"The gameplay mechanics are much improved" - Opinion

The whole point of a review is its someone perspective on a game and you read it to get an idea of what the game may be like. From what I can see she had her complaints but overall rated it 9/10, which you can hardly say is docking points for her femminist viewpoint is it? Are all the other sites giving it 9/10 docking points too?

People knocking her opinion forget that she has a right to that opinion and a right to express it. You have a right not to agree with it. You do not have a right to call for her to be sacked because you dont agree with it.

Im ashamed to be a gamer today.