The Great Mouse Showdown

For whatever reason you use a computer, you will almost always be using a mouse to move a pointer on the screen, scroll through the pages of a document or simply to target the next enemy to shoot at. For all practical purposes, the mouse is your main tool for interacting with most programs that you use. All other interfaces that are used to replace mice, such as touchpads and all sorts of gimmicky devices that are supposed to be ergonomically superior in office work, lose to a simple mouse when it comes to speed and ease of interfacing with a computer.

It is no wonder then that there are so many different types of mice waiting for you in any electronics shop. You get mice with infrared and laser sensors, they come both wired as well as wireless, big and small, equipped with two buttons or as many as 9 user-configurable buttons.

Hooked Gamers decided to take a look at some of the so-called gaming mice that are available to the gamers at the moment.

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I Call 9MM3894d ago (Edited 3894d ago )

Personally, my favorite isn't included in that list: the older Logitech G7. Basically, all it is is a wireless version of the G5 (actually, it came out before the G5, so the G5 is a wired version of the G7). It's wireless receiver plugs in via the USB and it charges a second battery. So, you never have to buy AA batteries for this thing. When the one your using runs out of juice, you go and slap the other one in, takes all of 5-10 seconds. 2000 dpi, wireless and no lag whatsoever. Plus, this new version I've got has some nice rubber on the sides of it (my old one didn't). And it was only 49.95 (on sale).

Those are definately some nice mice. I'd go with the G5 since I'm familiar with the feel to it, but if you just moving to a higher end mouse, they are all good choices really.

Superiorrior3894d ago

This much is true, I own a wireless carbon fiber G7, the ergonomic design, and efficient battery exchange is pretty top notch, the batteries last for a decent amount of time, and there is practically not noticeable delay in exchange for transmitting the wireless signal, I'm only a little disappointed G7 didn't come equipped with slots for weights, as it is rather light.

DethWish3894d ago

I've still got the old MX518 and it's still the best :)
Using it with a QcK+ mousepad and it's awesome.

Jdoki3894d ago

MX518 FTW!!

Possibly the greatest gaming mouse ever made.

Azurite3894d ago

Weird... how come they didn't mention DeathAdder?

SaiyanFury3894d ago

I don't use a gaming mouse persay, I'm using a Logitech MX Revolution and aside from the internal battery it's perfect and serves my everyday needs very well. When I play PC games, I typically use a PC controller but in keyboard/mouse type settings it works just fine.

kwicksandz3894d ago

Mx518 > all

except mabye the re released 2 thumb button g5.

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