Best Rated Game Of This Generation – Grand Theft Auto V Stands At 98% On Metacritic

Grand Theft Auto V reviews are out, and they are perfect. Based on 34 reviews, Grand Theft Auto V stands on extraordinary 98%. Playstation 3 score is 97% at the moment, while Xbox 360 is on 98%.

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DxTrixterz1646d ago (Edited 1646d ago )

Congratulations Rockstar. Totally deserved.
BTW now both Rockstar GTAIV and GTA V are in top 2 and RDR is 7th on Xbox 360. Truly Rockstar are guys and ladies who make their games masterpieces.

xHeavYx1646d ago

Sadly, I can see those "I want more hits" reviews coming in the near future

TomShoe1646d ago

If this beats The Last of Us for GOTY, I will be doing a lot of this:

xHeavYx1646d ago

They are both GOTY contenders. I'm happy I get to play both games

abusador1646d ago

GTA4 was the biggest borefest imo ever so that doesnt say much about our rating system, hopefully GTA5 isnt like that. Max Payne 3 was also far from amasterpiece although good. There is alot of bias in some of reviews towards bigger names and certain companies but thats not saying that GTA5 wont be awesome. Ill find out later when i get back from work. I just dont enjoy Rockstar games the way most say or do.

IVanSpinal1646d ago

i played the game and it was the same, i hate the hype

back to BF3

Captain Qwark 91646d ago (Edited 1646d ago )

id be inclined to agree about GTA4. i didnt like it at all but for w/e reason, i like every other GTA starting with 3. its like this....

GTA3 = Amazing
GTA Vice City = Average
GTA SA = Perfect
GTA4 = Shit

so if my pattern tells me anything ( plus all the amazing previews ) GTA5 should be incredible. Also did love RDR too

edit: @ Cam977

cry me a river lol we have different opinions, big deal. i didnt care for those entires, you did. great! see how it said "if MY pattern tells me"

Cam9771646d ago

@Captain Quakr 9

"GTA3 = Amazing
GTA Vice City = Average
GTA SA = Perfect
GTA4 = Shit "


-Foxtrot1646d ago (Edited 1646d ago )

I have to admit GTA4 was a bore fest and people were sucked into the hype. I feel like the same is happening here. GTAV is amazing but I wouldn't go far and say it's the best game this gen.

People are sucked into the hype and the brand name alone is what got GTA4 those perfect scores.

If anyone was truthful about GTA4 they would of been called to death online

nypifisel1645d ago (Edited 1645d ago )

You call GTA Vice City "Average"? What the hell is wrong with you? Best setting, best characters, best script, best music!

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StraightPath1646d ago


Game that defines this generation.

Game that is ending this generation with a bang.

This is GOTY and game of the decade.


refocusedman1646d ago

You obviously do not have a ps3 or the Last of Us. Its one thing to say that you prefer GTA but, its another thing to infer that is significantly better than the last of us. Two completely different games and yet two obvious masterpieces and close contenders for GOTY.

I_am_Batman1646d ago (Edited 1646d ago )

This is exactly why I hate all this metascore-nonsense and people going crazy over reviews. People act as if 0.2 more meta score means that the game is on another level of greatness.

Can't you just enjoy video games without having to compare everything to anything?

Corpser1646d ago

^^. TLOU is only 95 from metacritic, not even a contender at this point, GTA5 is winning hands down

TekoIie1646d ago (Edited 1646d ago )


Did I read that correctly? "ONLY" 95...

Look I really hate the VGA's for this exact reason. The only games people want to win GOTY are exclusives because they want bragging rights to put down other peoples personal preferences.

And when it's not an exclusive, its to counter out the "oppositions" exclusive. VGA's just worsen this industry.

LoveOfTheGame1646d ago

"Game that defines a generation"

This is how I've always seen GOTG being chosen, and if so GTAV and TLOU are not even close to what would win.

Hint: it was created by the makers of Titanfall.

Ezz20131643d ago (Edited 1643d ago )

@straightpath & @corpser

both of you keep crying and crying
it's not our fault that you guys get worst version of all the game of year contenders like Tomb Raider,Bioshock Infinite,GTAV .etc even metro last light and splinter cell which both previous titles were an xbox "exclusives" turn out better on ps3
and will never play GOTG contender like TLOU

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LaChance1646d ago ShowReplies(2)
AngelicIceDiamond1646d ago (Edited 1646d ago )

R* has that "The Last Of Us" type of review/metacritic.

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Prcko1646d ago

Best game of this generation!!!
maybe best game ever made!
Gz rockstar,well deserved

PurpHerbison1646d ago (Edited 1646d ago )

Generation? Possibly, cause this generation was awful. Ever made? Get off your hype horse.

DoctorJones1646d ago

How was this gen awful? There's been loads of great games :/

KonsoruMasuta1646d ago

This gen was awful?

The Last of Us
Tomb Raider
BioShock Infinite
The Uncharted series
Heavy Rain
The Walking Dead
And now GTA 5

This gen was epic and I can't wait to see what's in store for next gen.

PurpHerbison1646d ago

I personally feel this gen has done nothing but let me down. Doesn't even hold a candle to the PS2... I am also getting older and fading away. Take my subjective comment lightly.

mcstorm1646d ago

It all depends on what games you like to what has been the best. Ive never liked GTA games and could not get into RDR. COD was fun but not amazing too. The same with UC. For me Alan Wake has been the game ive enjoyed the most and kept me going back to it but its really down to you on what you like to what is your best game just like a film or album.

starchild1646d ago (Edited 1646d ago )

This generation was awesome. The indie games alone blow away any past generation. Quit viewing everything with nostalgia.

Gaming continues to get better and better. The hipsters can keep playing their 16 bit games forever if they really think things were so much better back then.

Oh, and PurpHerbison, I might very well be older than you and I think gaming is better than ever. I started gaming on the Atari 2600 and really got serious on the NES. I loved games through all of their evolution to what we have today, but games today are so much better.

I only go back to a handful of games out of pure nostalgia, but compared solely on their objective qualities games today are so much more refined and enjoyable. The craft of game making has matured over time and there really are much better game mechanics, narratives, animation, controls, and graphics in modern games.

PurpHerbison1646d ago

Gaming has come crashing into a brick wall and you know it.

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ritsuka6661646d ago

It's only you opinion dude, there's a lot of others games better than GTA V.

GarrusVakarian1646d ago

Its funny how you said its his opinion and then went on to day there are better games than GTA5 without saying "in my opinion".

Chrono1646d ago

Is GTA IV last gen? Because it is 98%.

DoctorJones1646d ago

Can't wait to play this, it really does look amazing. And it looks like I'm gonna get my monies worth out of it, will take me far longer than 8-16 hours to do everything in this game.

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