PlayStation Home gets FREE Gold Clothing

Lockwood publishing wishes to thank all of their 20K+ Facebook followers by giving away free gold clothing.

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ftwrthtx1833d ago

Free is always a great price point.

xX-StolenSoul-Xx1832d ago

Geeze, If home was still relevant I would care.

smashcrashbash1832d ago

Some ass always have to come into Home articles and say that they don't care and how irrelevant Home is.If you don't care then STFU and let the people who do care take advantage of it. No one cares that you don't care and yet you seem to constantly try to make yourself feel good by announcing that you don't care.No one cares that you don't care.Just shut up.Home still has lots of people in it that flock to every new world in Home.

beebap1832d ago

Exactly sick of people trashing it. Lots of people like it and I hope ps4 has home or new version of home as I havent hear anything about it and would love it on ps4.

smashcrashbash1831d ago

Exactly.Despite it's flaws Home was a good idea and could be so much better with the power of the PS4.Who knows they could make it completely open world and streamline it with no need to load from world to world.I mean Home was never meant to be a place to go to 24/7.It is just a nice place to get away to every now and again to have some fun,play some mini games and win some stuff for you avatar.People who say Home is irrelevant obviously don't see it during holidays.Just go to the winter world during Christmas or the deck during Thanksgiving or the fireworks display on New Years

Slade231832d ago

your right. Still see a BUNCH of people still at the Konami penthouse which is like 2 years old I guess.

SonyStyled1832d ago

couldnt agree with you more my man. if they dont care i dont see why they would even waste their time announcing it to others, because quite frankly we dont care either. i like home. i dont use it as often as i should though. maybe a hour stop in every month or so to see whats new and fun