DarkZero: Ikaruga Review

DarkZero writes: " must say, being one of my favourite genres and despite the fact I've bought the game twice, I feel rather honoured to be doing this review. Ikaruga is looked upon as one of the de-facto shmups of all time and certainly one that has influenced a good few homebrew and douijn based shmup games available on the PC. Treasure themselves are an interesting company; one of few that dabble in mainstream games like Wario World, which will then usually go on to fund either surrealist titles, hardcore shmups and their staple run n' jump platformers. However recent games have seen them delve into the good but reportedly unbalanced 2D fighting series, Bleach, and another quality shmup, Bangai-O-sprits. They have a huge fanbase too, as their games usually feature a mix of great concept, artwork or gameplay although I must stress that anyone new to Treasure's games may feel short changed with this title as their games are notoriously hard to the average gamer. This game does not cheat, it simply requires pixel perfect shooting and dodging skills."

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