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GameDynamo - "Some games deserve a second chance. It's quite rare for an MMORPG to receive a second chance, but in the case of Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn, that's exactly what happened. Square Enix completely overhauled version 1.0 and reworked the game from the ground up with a little visionary help from Naoki Yoshida. It's been so reworked, in fact, that the first version of the game is almost unrecognizable in comparison to A Realm Reborn. And that, frankly, is a good thing."

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3-4-51739d ago

I haven't seen much advertising for this game.

Is that going to kick into full hear once the PS4 arrives or something ?

MoneyMeng1739d ago

Its just fanboys and Hype! The game does everything solid, it doesnt revolutionize the genre, it doesnt bring anything unique to genre. Leveling feels like a grindfest, the teleport system penalizes you with fees but you really have no choice since mounts run so slow. Quests are repetitive, bring this npc "this" or kill 5 types of "these" mobs type quests. There is no pvp whatsoever in this game, it will be patched in later on. Which is pretty pathetic since this is a p2p game. Still the game can be enjoyable, but is really only worthy of a 70-75/100 atmost, Decent game at best!

And if anyone has anything to say on why im wrong, feel free to reply.

Myst1739d ago

In a way I kind of didn't like how it was a step away from FFXI. I really hoped it would have been a bit of an improvement of that formula.