Top 5 Racing Games of All Time

"Going fast is always fun whether it’s a solo run on a realistic simulator or competing against a friend in a arcade racer. We have compiled a list of our favorite racers. Join BootHammer as we review our personal Top 5 Racing Games of all time." -BootHammer

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BootHammer1550d ago

That's a good one! I mentioned Burnout Paradise in worthy nominees =)

PoSTedUP1550d ago (Edited 1550d ago )

need for speed III hot pursuit yes this list is so much win.
id add RoadRash3D too, id play that game right now and still enjoy it more than almost and racing game ever made. so much fun, so fast, badass, and a perfect sound track!

lnvisibleMan1550d ago (Edited 1550d ago )

Crash team racing would be my favourite. That and tekken 3 were my two favourite multiplayer games on psone

Relientk771550d ago

Yea I gotta agree with you. I just really loved Crash Team Racing so that's personally my favorite racing game.

BootHammer1550d ago

Crash Team Racing is another really fun racer for sure! Excellent nominee and some great nostalgia remembering that one.

MWH1550d ago

no list is great without Carmageddon, not a bad list though.

ContraCode1550d ago

Carmageddon was definitely a classic.

Thehyph1550d ago

Carmageddon and Fallout were debasing me before I was regularly using the internet.

ContraCode1550d ago

I see you had it as a nominee but F-Zero would definitely be on my list along with Need For Speed Underground!

rextraordinaire1550d ago

No DiddyKong Racing? Really? Why do people always skip this one, it was such a great karting game!

BootHammer1550d ago

DiddyKong Racing was great as well. I just thought it had too many similar elements with Mario Kart to have them both in there.

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The story is too old to be commented.