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GIZORAMA - In the gaming ecosystem, mobile phone games play an important role. They serve as entertainment when it’s not possible to access a dedicated gaming system like a PC or console. In general, the best mobile games are simple, addictive and accessible to a wide audience. Perfect examples of this type of game are Angry Birds, Plants vs. Zombies and Fruit Ninja. Ported titles occasionally succeed as well, such as XCOM: Enemy Unknown, but the limitations of mobile devices mean not every type of game works out on the platform.

Dead Effect is a first-person shooter for iOS that pits the player against various types of zombies: walkers, crawlers, sprinters, special armored zeds and spitters that attack from range. But the real enemies are the game’s awkward controls and shoddy hit detection, which detract from what could have been a decent, if not very original mobile title.

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TrulyNextGen1799d ago

Without physical controls FPS games are too frustrating.

blackmanone1799d ago

Who would've thought Dead Space... errr I mean Mass Effect... errr I mean this obvious parody title, would be horrendously bad?