Microsoft Trying to Sell Kinect to Japanese Developers at Tokyo Game Show With Technical Conference

Microsoft won’t have a public keynote at Tokyo Game Show, but it will still make its voice heard on the professional side of things during a four hours long technical conference on September the 20th at 3:15 PM local time aimed to developers and industry professionals titled “The Future of Games Changed by Input and Output Devices - Exploring the Game Applications of New Sensors and HMD”.

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Pope_Kaz_Hirai_II1643d ago

The japanese are not going to take to kinect.. You can take that to the bank.

Abriael1643d ago

Can't say they're not trying though. The image they give is the same of when you get a fly in your room, and it keeps slapping itself against the window because it can't see that there's the glass :D

gaffyh1643d ago

From what I've heard about Japanese living space, Kinect won't work well in Japan, simply because their rooms tend to be quite small, and Kinect needs quite a lot of clearance. On top of that, Xbox sells like crap in Japan, so there is very little incentive to support it.

P0werVR1642d ago

Well, if you read the article you would know better not to post ridiculous analogies.

Microsoft made the mistake of stepping into Japan bare of anything. Just a console.

They are going for Japanese developers to consider the tech they're offering and explaining it's capabilities. They know fully well that Japanese gamers don't care, but if you can target developers and have them take advantage and develop games...everything from their will fall in place.

Why do you think it's another private showing to developers ONLY?!

BitbyDeath1642d ago

@P0werVR, it's a big risk for developers to spend time and money on a machine that's destined for failure. MS will need to splash a lot of cash to win them over.

andrewsqual1643d ago

Headline should read "Microsoft wasting everybody's time."

2cents1642d ago

I see it as a catch22,

On one hand, Japan is the home of amazing tech and development so theoretically they would probably be excited for what the kinect offers in regards to technological advancements. But on the other hand MS Xbox and Japan go together like chalk and cheese.

It's unlikely they will gain much traction, especially when the Xbox one already has such a negative aura surrounding it.

I am interested to see if it does any better than the 360.

booni31643d ago

Actually, I think MS would have a better chance of impressing Japanese devs if they focused less on Kinect.

EXVirtual1643d ago (Edited 1643d ago )

They might as well not even bother.
No one in the west even likes it, so you can be damn sure Japan will not approve of the Kinect, seeing as it's bundled with the console and it's so big!

I mean, I get that MS is at TGS to get attention, but J Stars Victory VS on the PS3 is gonna get more attention than the XBO.

stuna11643d ago

You think Japan hasn't been keeping stock on what's been going on in our part of the world!? That in and of itself is going to make Kinects a tough sell in Japan! There's just to much controversy surrounding Kinects.

WeAreLegion1643d ago

Stop wasting time and money. If you want to get a large Japanese audience, you'll need to rebrand the system entirely in Japan. You'll also need Monster Hunter and Pokemon. Monster Hunter could be purchased. Pokemon could not. So, good luck.

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The story is too old to be commented.