WoWificated Korean Pop Star

A member of Korean girl group So Nyeo Shi Dae has received the WoW treatment, as revealed on the official forums by a random poster earlier today. Kim Hyo Yeon, noted for her dancing skill in particular, has appeared in a doctored Blizzard wallpaper, entitled Hyork, as seen below.

Why she was picked out of all the celebrities in the world, is unknown to the staff at, but hopefully this will spawn many other pictures of a similar vein. There are so many to choose from...

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yowoe3897d ago

Is her face/neck. Everything else looks cartoonish.

Leord3897d ago

The reason for that COULD be that they have taken her face and photoshopped it unto an orc female body... =P

Farsendor13897d ago

i love world of warcraft news/articles

Leord3897d ago

You should visit the source then: =P

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