Can Halo Push Microsoft’s Voice-Recognition App to Success?

Microsoft has continued to struggle in the competitive smartphone market, seemingly unable to catch up to rivals Apple and Google. And while Microsoft similarly arrived late to the game in the AI voice-recognition arena, beat by Apple’s Siri and Google Now, Microsoft is hoping that one of their most cherished gaming properties will give them a leg up: Halo.

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Godmars2901834d ago

No. As much as fans may wish it, a halo voice app isn't going to make a dent in the public consumer market. Its just going to be a good/great thing for Halo fans.

Mystogan1834d ago

There are a lot of halo fans out there. Many of them will buy a windows phone just for this.

zeal0us1834d ago (Edited 1834d ago )

Sadly it wouldn't be enough to make a dent in Android and iOS market shares

Godmars2901834d ago

Look at this way: if Halo isn't big enough in the FPS market to push COD from the #1 spot on the Xbox brand let alone all of gaming, then how is a voice from that game going to make people who aren't Halo fans, much less could give two-s**ts about Google and Siri, buy a floundering Windows phone?

Its likely going to sell well among Halo fans, but that's it.

Sitdown1834d ago

The difference you fail to mention in regards to Halo not being able to push COD often is Halo games released in comparison to COD? How many platforms is COD released on? If Microsoft can keep a constant buzz going, it might have a chance....and they its most just about Halo, but the quality of the app.

crxss1834d ago

Change the look of the OS so it doesn't look so bland, slap on Cortana as the personal assistant and I'll get a windows phone

Jazz41081834d ago

I guess you have to add all nokia phones windows or android to ms tally now that they purchased the company.

Kleptic1833d ago (Edited 1833d ago )


Do you know how many phone's samsung sold over the past 6 months? Remember, every single one of those 160+ million phones shipped with Google's Android OS...

On the other 12 years halo, as a franchise, has totaled ~55 million in sales...

So...assume all 55 million halo titles were sold to different individuals (hint: they weren't)...if every single one of those people buys a freakin' Cortana enabled windows phone...they'll have managed to catch up to what Android does in a matter of weeks, when considering how many devices use the OS...

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kingdip901834d ago

I'm with godmars on this, it isn't about how popular halo is, its about who cortana will attract and the answer isn't new customers

first1NFANTRY1834d ago (Edited 1834d ago )

When all else fails bet on the already beaten horse.

gaelic_laoch1834d ago

I draw a line to talking at any machine be it a phone or an xbone!

GryestOfBluSkies1834d ago

i cant believe people would actually change their phone for this.

Death1834d ago

They want the voice recognition to be used across the board with the Xbox, smart phone and PC. It's a sound strategy. How effective it is will not be known until it arrives.

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