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Is GTAV worth the money, Take a look at Grand Theft Auto V review and find out.

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Corpser1835d ago

Game of the generation

jaymart1835d ago

Ya & GTA4 must be 2nd then<sarcasm>

GTA4 is the worst 3D World GTA game imo.

I'll give GTA5 a shot tho.

EdoubleD1835d ago (Edited 1835d ago )

Soultecc should get banned, the hell. Now I don't know how I feel about reading that spoiler.

Son of a bitch...

TheOneWhoIsTornApart1835d ago (Edited 1835d ago )

@EdoubleD: i know man I am fucking pissed. That guy is nothing more than a miserable little loser who hides behind internet anonymity to upset people because no one can touch him. People like him make me sick.

Polysix1835d ago

Well, a great game it most likely is, sadly it's not performing well on either of my 2 PS3s so it's gonna get sold on ebay and I'll wait for PC/PS4 versions if any. Same thing I had to do with GTA IV so should have known.

The videos and Bullshots R* have been posting didn't exactly help, going from those to this jaggy sub 20fps nausea inducing thing is hardly 'fun' - sure you can battle through that but it just shouldn't be that way, not for such a highly reviewed game. Current gen consoles are now bouncing off their rev limiters, they have nothing left to give in terms of performance and this game shows that. R* never really cared too much about frame rates but with driving (for example) as fidgety as it is in GTA you would at least prefer a solid 30fps to counteract the bad control.

I had to stop playing after an hour as I realised the combination of upscaled low res, aliasing, blurry distance and erratic (but mostly sub 30fps) frame rates were ruining the experience, something R* have kinda not been honest about with their 'feels next gen to us'. Yes it would feel next gen IF it ran at 60fps without jaggies everywhere you look, even 30 with smooth graphics would be something.

Anyway, commence the disagrees, from those who haven't even played it mostly, and GTA fanboys who can't read anything negative about the games. Even if the intention is to help R* improve their system targeting instead of focussing on cash grabs at the death of the current gen. Excusing this kind of performance issue will only lead to bad ports and poorly targeted games in the future.

And no, before anyone asks (again) there is nothing wrong with either of my PS3s (fat and slim) they play TLOU and RDR just fine (with the expected aliasing and slowdown but nothing like GTA V!)

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