Ryse: Son of Rome may not be as good as it looks, rendered screenshots have been photoshopped

Screenshots for Ryse: Son of Rome have been altered from the original on the official Xbox site.

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Neixus1434d ago

Why the hell would they make it look grayer? :x

xHeavYx1434d ago (Edited 1434d ago )

So much for Crytek being the "kings of graphics" and stuff.
What about this one?

Riderz13371434d ago

Lol Crytek the "King of Graphics"? Sure maybe on PC, but on consoles their games always under deliver. Games like Halo 4, Uncharted 3/Last of Us and God of War III all look much better (and play better) than something like Crysis 3 on consoles.

Septic1434d ago

Really? You're going to nit-pick on this level? Well than I hope you apply the same standard for all so-called next-gen games.

I mean look at this:

Surely I can't be the only one thinking this is way too much?

bessy671434d ago

Why is it that doctored screenshots, which everyone does, are such an issue when MS does it, but when Sony puts out trailers using a target render it's fair game?

Gamingcapacity1434d ago (Edited 1434d ago )

To me the original looks loads better, not faded and less blurry.

Could be a simple case of a completely new screenshot that is taken from an updated version of the game. Might be that they had to reduce the quality a little bit to ge it running smoothly with the provided X1 specs.

@Bessy - It wasn't fair game because they took a lot of bad press for it.

jimsas1434d ago (Edited 1434d ago )


..Here You are again xHeavYx in yet another X1 article making negative comments about Microsoft's machine and its games ....

We get it ok the PS4 is more powerful , it has better games , it is a better console , Sony loves the gamers , Sony FTW ,

Jesus can't even read an article on here without seeing Your screen name all over the place ..

xHeavYx1434d ago (Edited 1434d ago )

You are such a hypocrite.
Here is a comment from you bashing DriveClub, on an article related to Assassins Creed!
Going through your comments I can see you are just another Xbox fanboy who cries every time your little cable box is insulted, so I won't spend much time on you

jimsas1434d ago (Edited 1434d ago )

@ xHeaVyx -
Thats not the case at all - I have both consoles on Pre-order ,
My comment about Driveclub relates to a valid point ... Why would I care about being able to view star constalations in a driving game - thats not bashing anyone its just my opinion.

I was at Gamescom and played/saw Driveclub , Ryse and Forza 5 running on actual ps4 and x1 hardware and I can assure you that forza 5 looks and runs better than driveclub does and driveclub maybe 1080p but it runs nowhere near 60fps.

The point i was making was if the PS4 really is that much more powerful than X1 you couldn't see it from the games I saw.

You can argue all You want but what i saw was what i saw and if a PS4 'exclusive' is not making good use of the power on offer then maybe the games not all that good..... just a thought

You however are in the comments section of every X1 article slating the machine and/or its games if you really don't like the machine so much just stay away don't buy one , none of your opinions are based on known facts just 'what you've heard' or 'read' from anoynomous sources on N4G.

The rumours may well turn out to be true but right now you're not offering Your opinion you're ramming it down peoples throats

Maybe I am a fanboy but You're just annoying.

Yi-Long1434d ago

I worked for a gaming magazine (among other magazines), and pretty much every screenshot gets a little tweak/boost in some settings to make it pop-out a bit more, or whatever.

No biggie.

Ryse doesn't look appealing to me though. Not a big fan of QTE-games. I also know nothing about the main character(?) or story or whatever, so I'll just see how it will turn out, but I kinda expect it to score in the high 70's, low 80's.

Silly gameAr1433d ago


Could be because xbox fans would say Ryse was the best looking game they've ever seen on any console evar?

I've always thought the graphics debates were comedy myself. To me, it's the games that speak for themselves, not screen shots.

JokesOnYou1433d ago (Edited 1433d ago )

lol, seriously this sounds so desperate from neogaf/pixelenemy to discredit Ryse,

"Does this bother anyone at all? I honestly couldn’t tell the difference"

"It is no big secret that game companies might make their screenshots look better than they are though – that’s just basic marketing."

-So why the article? Hell I looked and looked cant really tell what their talking about, could switch those pics and nobody could tell. Lately pixelenemy has made some very poor news with sensational headlines based on essentially nothing.

-We've seen the game running on X1 hardware so we all know what this is about.

BallsEye1433d ago (Edited 1433d ago )

Seriously? We all seen the game running so why the F you guys even talk about screenshots? Game is PLAYABLE on XO it was there at PAX and it will be there october 4. It's also playable on Beta hardware shown in youtube leaked videos. Why the fuss about screenshots when the game already is up and running? Also the so called "original picture" is not completely original at all. Just for the sake of the article quality in Original one was downed awfuly just to make it look 480p resolution. Ryse runs native 1080p and anyone who believe this crap with screenshots is just an idiot

this is the original screenshot without the stripes removed just as in article but in normal quality

We could be also looking in Second Son screenshots where half of it got Anti Aliasing and other half doesnt. Obvious photoshop.

Waiting for articles about it...oh wait..its sonygaf and nfs.

AngelicIceDiamond1433d ago

So now we're nit picking? Are we seriously doing this now?

Next news: Forza care model tires look a little less rendered compared to ____<<Insert screenshot here.

This is really getting out of hand.

XboxFun1433d ago

Another troll comment from xHeavyx?

No way I don't believe it. Why would Heavy, an admitted Sony fanboy waste his time being at the top of each comment in ever Xbox One article with something negative to say?

I mean that would be trolling right? Adding nothing to the conversation.

I wonder what he thinks of this:

The link Ballseye posted. Looks like the same was done with a PS4 game for ads and the public.

xHeavYx1433d ago

Another post by Xbox fun attacking me because I hurt his precious Xbox One?
No way I don't believe it. Why would XboxFun, an admitted Microsoft fanboy waste his time attacking me every time?
That's immature isn't it? Adding nothing to the conversation.
I wonder what he thinks of this, himself bashing TLOU and Uncharted

hellzsupernova1433d ago

@ everyone who thinks they can tell the difference between 30fps and 60fps guess what you can't

I play a lot of war thunder on my laptop my frame rate goes from 15fps to 60 fps (is an older laptop) from about 25fps up I can't really see much of a difference.

gaffyh1433d ago

I think the original game screens look better, so MS is shooting themselves in the foot with this imo.

AngelicIceDiamond1433d ago

@Heavy you stated yourself your are a fanboy.

You claim that you come with facts, you have come through sometimes, but why is that somebody come with facts in regards to the PS (that's negative) they're trolls and a automatic fanboy?

What about logic?

Instead of saying "So much for Crytek being the "kings of graphics" You would click on the article and clearly see the guy is DESPERATELY nitpicking to the point he needs to magnify the picture to justify his claim. I see a small difference but to an average gamer they would barely even unless they truly looked at it.

The fanboy part about is you don't use logic. And when you do, you use logic that benefits your inner fanboy instead of real and sensible logic like you failed to do here. Its not all about "facts".

Like I said you failed because you just just read the headline and said the first thing that came into your fanboy mind. Instead of looking as the picture and coming up with sensible logic that's super easy to dismember.

This isn't even news and yet you gladly ran with the headline. Facts and logic are strong but what's facts if you have no logic, very little logic, or lopsided logic that benefits you and the rest of the fanboy crowd.

Considering this is N4G I rather use logic than facts. And boy do people hate it.

Reverent1433d ago

@hellzsupernova, "I play a lot of war thunder on my laptop my frame rate goes from 15fps to 60 fps (is an older laptop) from about 25fps up I can't really see much of a difference."

No, just no.

Clarence1433d ago (Edited 1433d ago )

King of graphics... Yeah ok

mewhy321433d ago

Well that's not surprising. That micro$oft would try and pull the wool over our eyes. I mean NSA, DRM, etc. Why would it surprise anyone that they would photoshop screenshots ?

Ps4Console1433d ago (Edited 1433d ago )

You are annoying ! you hear so much of Ps fanboys it puts you off !
I have pre-ordered a Ps4 but you put new gamers off coming to Ps4 off with your fanboy-ism towards other people's choice of console that is why I didn't come to Sony last generation with gamers like yourself , every article you are on with your negativity towards other consoles yeah .

inveni01433d ago

Clipping is something that bothers me more than anything else in games when it comes to technicalities, and I really hope they've got it under control over the next 2-3 years.

ziggurcat1433d ago (Edited 1433d ago )

the problem here is that the xbox fans would be jumping all over this if it was a PS4 title (hell they were saying driveclub looked like a N64 game based on a video that had been compressed countless times over), but since it's their beloved ryse, we're nitpicking when it's quite obvious between the two screenshots that there's a difference in lighting/shadow detail? or the same people nitpicking over a few palm tree leaves in GTA V?

so @ jokes, balls, fun, and diamond: quit acting like a bunch of hypocrites.

edit: i've even seen people spouting off nonsense about "downgraded" visuals for PS4 watch dogs... except no proof was ever shown.

sonarus1433d ago

i agree with you jokes on you. This is lame all game companies photoshop their screens to make them look better this is nothing new. More importantly the photoshopping job done here seems rather modest.

user55757081433d ago

reading some of these comments im surprised people are shocked by a Microsoft exclusive being shrouded in smoke and mirrors...they do this nonsense all the time

Dagobert1433d ago

Crytek doesn't make games. They make tech demos for PC, so yeah I guess they're king of graphics but just for PC though.

FamilyGuy1433d ago (Edited 1433d ago )

Let's be honest here, the photoshop is pretty obvious in that shot but why wouldn't they photoshop it? Those straps are clipping pretty bad and they wanted to use the shot for the site so touching it up isn't really a big deal. I can't imagine any game company posting a shot that clearly shows a big imperfection like that on their website.

It probably would've been a better idea to just take a shot where the straps weren't clipping but I guess photoshopping was easier.

I don't see the problem in the Infamous shot you trolls are posting. I see ailasing on the tail light of one car and I don't see Sony trying to hide it. What is it about that shot that makes it a "bullshot"/ photoshopped?

Legacy2121433d ago

LMAO! are you kidding me the graphics hardly look different and then they are going to zoom in on the armor and say greyer. You want to tell me who on earth while playing ryse is going to pause the game and walk up to the screen and analyze as much as these guys? Also im sure it is the same for any game you look at. The game graphics look top notch and im pretty sure when xbox owners are playing it and fighting people they arent going to notice something so miniscule when they are too busy stabbing people in the neck. Try trolling harder next time some of the people on this site are sooo ridiculous. Sit back and enjoy the GAMES! Aint nobody got time to be doing this screenshot nonesense.

HiddenMission1433d ago


Either you are trolling or you need glasses because Driveclub looks and plays way better...I know I watched both while I was at PAX prime and guess what MSs booth was right next to Sonys.

Does Ninja Gaiden look better than God of War because its at 60 fps...hell no. FPS just make look smoother thats all...moreveffects and better graphics do go a long way.

Enemy1433d ago

It was a Xbox 360 a very long game, guys. It hardly ever qualified as next gen to begin with. Couple that with all the bad press and you've got yourself an awaiting disaster.

NewMonday1433d ago

FACT remains the 2 screenshots look different, and it was MS that did the changes not "fanboys", instead of asking why that happened XB1 fans shift the attack on commentators

Gekko361433d ago Show
Ps4Console1433d ago

Anybody seen the real WatchDogs for Ps4 it looks more like a Ps3 game Ubisoft conned us at E3 when it looked so good in reality it looks like a Ps3 ordinary game go check it out n youtube I can't give you the web ad because I'am using an ipad