Gaming's Open World Future Analysed

GodisaGeek: "Over the last decade, Grand Theft Auto has popularised open worlds to the point that linearity has become something of a dirty word. Tomorrow sees the release of GTA’s fifth iteration, and with it, the largest ever world. It’s the biggest game of the year by some distance and, with the eventual release of GTA Online, arguably the most important.

Of course the proof will be in the pudding but in terms of scale and ambition Grand Theft Auto Online is unprecedented. From what has been announced it is a multiplayer component with a huge number of possibilities. Players can team up, go it alone, accumulate money by pulling off heists and robberies, set up races, create arenas for deathmatch style modes, or just generally explore and cause mayhem.

This isn’t an article about Grand Theft Auto, however, it’s about open gaming worlds, their increasing prominence in the biggest games, and the role they play in gaming’s future."

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ZBlacktt1707d ago (Edited 1707d ago )

"Tomorrow sees the release of GTA’s fifth iteration, and with it, the largest ever world."

I'd like to see that Map against AC4 BF's map. It's already been stated to get from one side to the other in AC4 by JackDaw will take a half and hour. That is just madness! Oh and it's all in extremely stunning Next Gen graphics.

I'll be jumping in GTAV later on this week. :)

GarrusVakarian1707d ago

I can't imagine Ubi being better than R* when it comes to detail.

ZBlacktt1707d ago (Edited 1707d ago )

I laughed, GTA is not even on the same scale. A trolling good time joker game vs history to a degree with way more serious tone.

Already heard from plenty of people that GTAV is total this Gen spec. So I'm just expecting the normal trolling killing good time as always. Nothing more at all. Plus I just know you had to be kidding when it came to graphic details. A 10 times more powerful console on a game that has already proven to be out of this world insane in visuals and game play. Nothing is going to even come close to AAA Next Gen games when they hit the gaming world, not...even...close. I've already seen and played many of the launch ones.

GTA is just good times, fun and laughs. Nothing wrong with that. I was talking about Map size and knowing that AC4 is beyond in graphic details ( which is a no brainier given the power of the PS4 ).