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Titanfall is the upcoming first-person shooter (FPS) and debut effort from recently formed studio Respawn Entertainment. Since its announcement at E3 in June, the game has become one of the most highly anticipated Microsoft exclusive titles.

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mewhy321834d ago

This game will be great on my gaming PC.

CRAIG6671834d ago

It will great on my xbox1 too...

thrust1834d ago (Edited 1834d ago )

One of the reasons am getting Xbox one, this with 300000 dedicated servers to start with is going to be great.

dantesparda1834d ago

300,000 virtual servers (not real physical servers), get it right, stop being uninformed and spreading FUD. And Im not sure, ut i think they have access to those servers on the PC side too. You MS fanboys are the most uninformed bunch

thrust1834d ago


I feel your pain...

voodoochildnyc1834d ago


do you have any links to back up your claim of 300,000 virtual servers? do have any evidence for pc's having access to these servers as well? If anyone is a fanboy it's you sony boy. its funny how you talk about being uninformed and also admit to that very fact in your next sentence. Caught red-handed you dumb troll!

Mike134nl1834d ago (Edited 1834d ago )

@ dantesparda
It is not known whether these are virtual and if so how many. But looking at known facts,they have and are heavily investing in servers and data processing and are in the top 3 investing companies next to amazone and google.

Closest comparison I remember was an increase from 15.000 servers for the xbox360 to 300.000 servers in 2013-2014 (for the xboxone) which ´according to microsoft´ was comparable to the total worlds computing power in 1999'. Either way whatever Microsoft says it most likely is a combination.

dantesparda1834d ago

What part of "i think" do you dumb MS fanboys not get? I said i think on the PC side and its a pretty well known that it is virtual servers not 300K physical servers, if you's dont know that, then im you's have been sleeping on the facts.

And "Sony boy", ha! you dont know me then, I am no fanboy of anything. You's do know that i own a 360 right? and have own one since day one. And do not in any way, shape or form, sweat Sony. I just call it like i see. I dont think that any game on either system (except for KZ's SP mode) looks that impressive graphically. And personally think both systems are underpowered, and just the bare minimum specs they could have got away with for the price. So dont go thinking Im a "Sony boy", just cuz im not sweating your beloved company, Microsoft.

dantesparda1833d ago

@ Mike, i didnt see your post til now, but i like your response cuz its reasonable and i actually agree with some of what you said. I agree we dont know the actual number of real servers, but its not 300k, we dont know how many of those are virtual, MS should come out and clarify.

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GiantEnemyCrab1834d ago

And on the Xbox 360 too.. well not compared to those versions but I'm sure it will stand on it's own with other 360 titles.

voodoochildnyc1834d ago (Edited 1834d ago )

double post

CRAIG6671834d ago

Why have the my little sony brigade gotta jump straight in on every Titanfall article???

Brix901834d ago

Where do you see any comment about Sony?

*Scratches head and Looks around*

Chris121834d ago

So you think it's the XB1 fans trolling every XB1 thread? Riiiiight.

Brix901834d ago

Chris what are you smoking? I clicked on the article saw this comment and simply asked a question. Wasn't implying anything else so I have no idea what your talking about trolling X1 articles.