Grand Theft Auto 5- Stuff Review

It's certainly the most anticipated game of all time, with 3 million pre-orders in the UK alone. The five years since GTA 4 has been excruciating, rising to unbearable as each spine-tingling detail has emerged in the months leading up to this. The fact that GTA 5 not so much meets those massive expectations as smashes them out of the park is quite incredible, and despite a misstep or two (and a whacking great dollop of immaturity), we urge you to drop what you're doing and buy it. Right now.

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UsernameOfTheDead1834d ago

I can't wait to play this on my next gen powerhouse Wii U! Oh, wait...

SynestheticRoar1834d ago

wow. GTA4 is like better than ice cream, and cake for the 360. It will get top scores from all the X-sites. Because people are thirsty for a good game.