Lazard: March Software Sales Up 35 Percent - 'Expects roughly a 60/40 GTA IV unit split on the Xbox 360/PS3'

Lazard Capital Markets analyst Colin Sebastian has forecast a 35 percent rise in March software sales ahead of the release of the NPD Group's monthly data on Thursday.

Based on retail and industry checks, Sebastian forecasts that software growth will meet, and perhaps even exceed, Lazard's original 35 percent estimate. He attributed the likely growth to a "solid release schedule" which included Nintendo's Super Smash Bros. Brawl (pictured), Ubisoft's Rainbow Six: Vegas 2 and EA's Army of Two. During February US software sales were up 47 percent to $668.7 million.

On the console front, Sebastian expects "stable hardware sales trends in March data". Last month's NPD data revealed that, during February, Nintendo sold 432,000 Wii units. In comparison, Sony shifted 281,000 PS3s and Microsoft 255,000 Xbox 360s. Nintendo DS sales hit 588,000 units, while 243,000 Sony PSPs were snapped up.

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resistance1003895d ago

60/40 GTA VI spilt in america.

Now that will be interesting, and give the Ps3 version the higher attach rate, that along with Europe and Japan, could see the Ps3 version outselling the 360 one dispite the userbase differences

m-s-8-23895d ago

I'd imagine GTA is one of those cultural divide games. Huge in the US and probably Europe, but will sell like 10k in Japan. Europe definitely. Especially if that PS3/GTAIV bundle is more than just a rumor.

JoelR3895d ago

very much so... 10k may be even pushing it in JP
In Europe it should do well though.
to bad they bundled with the 40gig crap...