Why You Shouldn't Install the GTA5 "Play Disc" on Xbox 360 - Video Comparison

Digital Foundry: Rockstar recommends installing disc one, but leaving disc two to run from the DVD drive. Why? Digital Foundry reveals some startling pop-in issues - that are resolved if you follow the developer's advice.

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ZBlacktt1831d ago

Gaming on DVD's is so old school. Think back to the PS2 days for Sony. Next Gen is miles and miles ahead. Soon....

pedrof931830d ago

Installed on disc take more time to load stuff.

ZBlacktt1830d ago (Edited 1830d ago )

You'll see come Next Gen and with both using Blu-ray drives now instead of just one. Everything will be on one disc and will have faster drives. Even GOTY editions. It's always been this way for the PS3.


I still wonder if I download the game on PSN or XBL. We gonna have to deal with texture loads because we don't have a disc to read from?

SaffronCurse1830d ago

If anything I think the Digital version will offer somewhat of a better performance for the simple fact it's reading off the hard drive.

Brazz1830d ago

for what i know, this problem is a Xbox 360 version problem. There are no reports in the Ps3 version whit installing GTA V.

buddymagoo1830d ago

Not if you have a SSD hard drive installed in your PS3.

Deividas1830d ago (Edited 1830d ago )

If you have to slow it down to 33% speed to really even notice things like that, not really an issue

wishingW3L1830d ago

it's even more noticeable at normal speed. XD

Deividas1830d ago

Well I still use the Phat model, so I will be installing on the HDD no matter what to make sure it keeps the temp down. I would rather have a shrub pop up a second late instead of having my Xbox get a RROD.

TRD4L1fe1830d ago

what version of the xbox do you have that you're worried about the rrod

KRUSSIDULL1830d ago (Edited 1830d ago )

It is not very noticeable but I cant help to notice that every time something pop ups somewhere back in my brain asks "what just happened?"

FamilyGuy1830d ago

Yeah it's like watching a thrilling ghost story.

O_ o What was that!

o _O What just happened!?

O.O Oh sh.. Wtf is going on!

UsernameOfTheDead1830d ago

I can't wait to play this on my next gen powerhouse Wii U! Oh, wait...

ziggurcat1830d ago

hmmmm... i wonder what the digital copy for PS3 is like? since that's what i am getting...

FamilyGuy1830d ago

Me too, how big is the download anyway, PS+ has been kicking my HDDs a**

ziggurcat1830d ago

i think it's 18GB, but when you pre-order it says to make you you have 36GB...

doesn't affect me too much since i upgraded to a 1TB drive not too long ago.

but i agree, PS+ has not been good to my HDD space (in fact it's why i upgraded).

BattleTorn1830d ago

HHD reads should be faster - if optimized - than DVD.

This is identical to the situation when Skyrim released - only installed Xbox 360 are affected.

R* will fix this soon enough. And fully installing the discs will once again be for the best best.

Until then, no install for me. [ :( I almost always do install ]

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The story is too old to be commented.