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Here we are. Grand Theft Auto V is a game that, despite its ultra violence and ruthlessness also conveys everything from love to art, provided by a game developer who so obviously has embraced its own heritage, has listened to its fans and has concocted its expertise into something phenomenal and new.

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_QQ_1741d ago

TLOU and Bioshock infinite don't stand a chance... GOTY

goldwyncq1741d ago

It ain't over yet until all reviews are out.

_QQ_1741d ago

We all know its true, even though GTAV will deserve it,GOTY loves GTA.

ThanatosDMC1741d ago

I still cant believe that they gave GTA4, that $h!t stain on the franchise, 10s.

UsernameOfTheDead1741d ago

I can't wait to play this on my next gen powerhouse Wii U! Oh, wait...