ERA estimates PS4 sales in UK could top Xbox One by 500K

GameZone writes, "If estimates from a recent survey conducted by the Entertainment Retailer's Assocation are accurate, then the gaming industry can expect a significant boost in sales as a result of the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One launching this November. The ERA estimates that combined sales for the next-gen consoles will reach 3.1 million in the UK, with Sony's PS4 predicted to outsell the Xbox One."

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GmIsOnPt3601832d ago

Thats realy not a lot of copies when these things sell 70 million in their lifetime, its just a matter of can MS right the ship and get back in the game as they owned the UK and US market previous Gen. Wii won last gen though ;) so who knows LOL

solidjun51832d ago

LOL. That gif was disturbingly funny.

tuglu_pati1832d ago

I think this is a good experience for MS. Hopefully they learn from this.

Minato-Namikaze1832d ago

They probably wont. They dont have that year headstart and cheaper hardware this time around. I expect sony to be at least even in those to countries and MS probably wont make up much ground in other countries.

listenkids1832d ago

How many consoles do you think sell in the UK? This is a lot of numbers to gap.

solidmasta1832d ago

Dude...ps3 own in UK, microsoft only own in america that it

Wikkid6661832d ago (Edited 1832d ago )

Xbox 360 is number 1 in the UK. Then Wii... then PS3

Xbox 8.9 million
Wii 8.7 million
PS3 5.9 million

Hicken1832d ago

That IS a lot during a head-to-head launch. And the current gen is the ONLY one where all competitors have sold even 50 million. You should consider it the exception rather than the rule. At least until proven otherwise.

And keep in mind that Sony owned EVERYWHERE in the previous gen, so past performance is no indicator of future success.

There's a LOT of ship to right, and I honestly don't know if it'll be possible for MS to do.

ForgottenProphecy1832d ago (Edited 1832d ago )

sorry ignore this comment.

Boody-Bandit1832d ago (Edited 1832d ago )

"sorry ignore this comment"

No we will not!
Where do you get off posting something like this? Have you no shame? You could be banned for this. Where is your mother? I want to speak to her right now. She needs to know what a bad boy you are.


What were we talking about again?

Jaqen_Hghar1832d ago

In one territory where 10m lifetime is good it is. If PS4 gets that lead it's hard to overcome as 360 showed this gen. Then the friends of those 500k want PS4s and their friends and so forth. A man thinks 360's coasting on a 1 year head start all gen to almost 80m should prove this stigma. Only with a monumental cock up could this not help (Saturn and WiiU). A man only has to look at how well 360 still does in UK and US to see how much an early lead matters even when the rival platform is obviously offering more.

PlayStation_41832d ago

but those early sales lead to more sales later on, because of word of mouth.

Magicite1832d ago

Wii won cos of Hype, x360 won only U.S

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first1NFANTRY1832d ago (Edited 1832d ago )

Look I don't want either companies to dominate the next gen because competition is good for gamers. M$ needs to learn a lesson I agree BUT we can't rule them out just yet. One thing their good at is advertising the hell out of their products to the uninformed joe shmoe.

That being said I want Sony to have the edge this gen because I do NOT want my games watered down because of M$ policies. Third party devs really need to step their game up or it's strictly exclusives for me this gen.


Minato-Namikaze1832d ago

They advertised the hell oout of the surface tablet as well and it didnt work out well. Marketing helps but its not always the end all be all.

u got owned1832d ago (Edited 1832d ago )

Different markets bruh. Consoles and tablets market is not the same. Like it or not Xbox is an established brand. Surface is not.

first1NFANTRY1832d ago

You can't really compare the Xbox brand to the surface because the Xbox is well established. Advertising will help to a degree but hardcore gamers still have a sour taste from the drm fiasco

gaffyh1832d ago

Surface failure is down to the fact that it runs Windows RT. If it ran standard windows 8, which it can't, a lot of business would have bought into it. Stupid decision by MS really.

ZHZ901832d ago

Domination does matter, I really do want Sony to dominat but doesn't mean I want MS to fail.

abusador1832d ago (Edited 1832d ago )

Its alot of systems when U.K. was the only country basically in Europe where Microsoft had the upper hand and now it will be different.

disagrees dont change facts :) i know it hurts (im not sure why it would though, you dont have stock in Micro lol)

Seafort1832d ago (Edited 1832d ago )

MS only had the upper hand in UK because Sony launched the PS3 over a year later.

Before that with PS1 and PS2 UK was a Sony supporter. People bought the cheaper console (Xbox360) and all their friends bought it too so stuck with it.

This time it's reversed. Sony has the cheaper console and launches at a similar time to Xbone.

MS has no advantage this time around and won't do as well as last time in any territory.

abusador1832d ago (Edited 1832d ago )

I agree. I actually think it was a year and a half later in Europe.

In the end I think Ps4s in Europe will end up having a little over a 2:1 ratio. Sony is on good footing again in Europe and even moreso in the U.S. than last time.

Angeljuice1832d ago (Edited 1832d ago )

FIFA being free will sway some over (Even though PS4 + FIFA is cheaper). A lot of people only buy consoles because of FIFA here. They don't even bother with other games.
I have a large group of friends in London like that. They are all wealthy professionals.
They mostly played on 360's last gen, so may stay with Xbox (if one buys, they all follow suit). There are thousands of players in their social circle that all buy the same to play together.

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tigertron1832d ago

Leading by 500,000 in the UK is a big thing due to our population, but it's also big because the UK used to be Xbox 360 territory.

thrust1832d ago

It would be if it was fact but its not.

ThatCanadianGuy5141832d ago


I can't wait for the next gen.The amount of spin and denial from you guys will be palpable.Like walking out the door into a wave of humidity.

The humidity being xbox fanboy tears.

thrust1832d ago

But it is not fact yet, that's all I stated do not care which sells more, I more interested in what I want and looking for in a console.

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