While Grand Theft Auto V falls short of its potential, it’s still a trip worth taking | VentureBeat

VentureBeat: "Exercising that freedom of choice is what helped launch Grand Theft Auto to popularity in the first place. Rockstar doesn’t always hit its ambitious goals, but it comes pretty damn close, and that’s enough to make Grand Theft Auto V its finest GTA game to date."

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deantak1526d ago

Is this game new and different enough?

darkronin2291526d ago (Edited 1526d ago )

Seems like most reviewers had a good time with it. And this is *without* considering/playing GTA Online. Crazy.

Tolkoto1526d ago

I feel like such an outsider today for not being a GTA fan.

Sadie21001526d ago

Funny that "falls short" still equates to a 95/100 score.

Hicken1526d ago

That's what I was gonna say. Doesn't seem like it fell very short, if it's that close to 100.

I'm wondering if this isn't another situation like GTAIV, where it's getting these scores BECAUSE it's GTA.

JeffGrubb1526d ago

I think it's possible that, like GTA IV, the game also deserves positive reviews.

Hicken1526d ago

I didn't say it doesn't deserve POSITIVE reviews. A game can deserve positive scores and still be overrated.

Call of Duty is a perfect example: the games generally deserve positive reviews, but they definitely don't deserve the high level of accolades they've been garnering for years now.

deantak1526d ago

better than the 70 score from the escapist for sure.