Eurogamer: UEFA Euro 2008 Review

Eurogamer writes: "Writing a Euro or World Cup review usually involves moaning about the absence of club teams and other FIFA features. So we will do that, but let's concentrate on the good news first: last year's FIFA, as you may remember, was arguably the best yet, perhaps even toppling Pro Evolution Soccer, and EA has actually improved on almost every part of it, with game elements and modes that aren't the usual vacuous twaddle slapped on the box to tempt unwary fanboys.

The excitement of Euro 2008 comes not from tweaks to passing, shooting, crossing, tackling and heading - although veterans might spot a few nips and tucks, such as more easily definable passing meter, more satisfying header contests and better turning - but from the plethora of new modes and how well they play to the game's strengths. The headliner is Battle of the Nations, which is introduced - at length - the first time you load the game up. Designed to milk the rampant xenophobia/patriotism that accompanies international tournaments, you select your European nation and your performances both offline and online contribute towards an overall daily leaderboard specific to your country."

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resistance1003842d ago

England didn't qualify so theres little point of releasing it in England, the demo was poor as well.

I for one won't be picking this up.

androctonvs3842d ago

the demo was poor?
it showed more pace, better responsiveness, better graphics, rain, new commentators, two modes (normal game + be a pro), etc.

maybe you're used to pro evo. not trying to offend, but once you become used to fifa08, euro2008 plays like a charm. a true step forward.

fifa09 should be awesome.