Grand Theft Auto V review | Thunderbolt

Bart Robson, Thunderbolt writes:
As we approach a new console generation, it’s interesting to look back at the bookends of the previous one. Specifically, compare 2001′s Grand Theft Auto III to 2004′s San Andreas. Look at the sheer difference in scope between the two games. When it first came out, GTA III‘s Liberty City was mind-boggling. Not even four years later, it could fit into one corner of San Andreas. That’s not even comparing the vast gulf in features between the two games – San Andreas has so much to do compared to III, it practically renders it obsolete. That situation is happening again. Just barely closing out this generation is Grand Theft Auto V, a game that dwarfs its predecessor in every regard. Considering that GTA IV was actually an uncharacteristically restrained GTA game, the difference might even be bigger than last generation’s.

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