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The Escapist: "A technical achievement, GTAV's driving and shooting gameplay in an excellently crafted open world is marred by a script that presents despicable characters as the protagonists."

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CaptainPunch1712d ago

Phff lowest score I've seen yet, anything for hits...

slimeybrainboy1712d ago

If you give this game 7/10, chances are we're going to disagree when the game comes out, and i'll no longer value your opinion.

xHeavYx1712d ago

Story Quality? ---> WTF
Like this website? ---> Hell no

BiggCMan1712d ago Show
nix1712d ago

GTAIV got 10/10 from almost every site... the lowest it got was 8/10... which we now think is the correct score. i never managed to finish the game because it was so boring. i give 6/10.

who knows GTAV is could actually be 7/10. it's a wait and play by yourself then judge scene.

HammadTheBeast1712d ago

Ummm what?

They took off points for the protagonists, does the concept of ANTI-HERO not have any meaning?

Last of Us did the same thing.

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SilentNegotiator1712d ago

The *escapist* giving a bad score for hits?
Or you just wanting to believe that the game you want is the bestest?

Just go read IGN's review and pretend this one doesn't exist, if it will make you happier.

CaptainPunch1712d ago

I don't read IGNs reviews.

wishingW3L1712d ago (Edited 1712d ago )

IGN is a joke. At least recommend: Gamespot, Rev3Games, Giant Bomb... Gamespot has a shaky past because of Giant Bomb founder getting fired for giving a bad score to Kane & Lynch but nowhere near as bad as IGN with basically every Triple A game.

SilentNegotiator1712d ago (Edited 1712d ago )

Not the point.

I said IGN because I don't even need to look it up to know that they gave it a 10/10.

abusador1712d ago

GTA4 received global praise and it was boring as hell to me, so i kind of agreed on some of the lower scores. With that said 3.5 isnt a low score, its just not what you want it to be.

I_am_Batman1712d ago

The hype is so huge for this game that even a 9/10 seems like a low score to some.

I honestly don't get why it's so important for people if this game gets 0.1 point more or less in the metascore.

SilentNegotiator1712d ago

GTA4 was incredibly boring. Filled to the brim with speed bumps to the gameplay and an environment with a whole lot of nothing to do (after you've gotten your fill of running over old women and getting into ultra-easy to escape police chases).

abzdine1712d ago

why do you click if the game is 10/10 for you? you are a GTA fanboy? let me remind you that others aren't and people might hate what you might love and cherish.

CaptainPunch1712d ago

Hell yeah I'm a GTA fanboy, nothing wrong with being a fan of one of my favorite video game series. Although I won't go to extremes and bash other people's opinions on the game.

abzdine1712d ago (Edited 1712d ago )

hey man, i never said something was wrong with being a fan. you need to live with the fact that others might not like what you like.
In my opinion GTA is a good series but too linear for my taste. Also, it gets boring after a few missions. you might not approve what i'm saying but my opinion is still standing. Respect mine i respect yours..


torchic1712d ago

after my experience with GTAIV I will be taking the lower scores much more seriously than the 10/10s. not saying the low scores are right but I'll read all of them and see what's what

svoulis1712d ago

HAHA, really? The Escapist wants hits? OR MAYBE!?! just MAYBE its someones opinion on the game?!

HOLY [email protected] reviews are no longer about opinions guys.. game gets 9-10 or site wants hits.


I trust The Escapist for a lot of information including awesomely clad realistic reviews.

slimeybrainboy1712d ago

Yes, but your still allowed to say, "I think this guys opinion is shit. Remind me not to listen to him because he values things too differently to me." I know I wont be looking to this guy when Joe Danger 3 comes out to see if I should buy it or not.

CaptainPunch1712d ago

Ok whatever you say, when sites like Polygon gave The Last of Us a low score people were complaining. I'm not the only one, of course I want to see GTA V get good scores. Because I enjoy the series.

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Count1712d ago

Props to Escapist. For being sincere and not drinking the GTA hype kool-aid.

DARK WITNESS1712d ago (Edited 1712d ago )

except they seem to give it a low score for an issue that is fundamental to what GTA is all about and what it has always been about.

in fact if anything one of the reasons GTA4 was not as much fun (at least playing as Niko) was that R* tried to give him some sort of honorable reason for doing what he was trying to do... and quit frankly, it made him the least interesting of all the main characters from the GTA series.

They are suppose to be bad guys, they are doing it because they want to get paid... wait, hold on... this is GTA we are talking about, and this is suppose to be a bad thing???

have people lost their marbles ?

if you want to play a nice crime fighing guy, go play batman ! There is nothing honorable about being a dring dealing thug, and that is what makes GTA.... wait for it...... GTA !!!!

slimeybrainboy1712d ago

This game can't be higher than 3.5/5 unless the bank robbers in the game give all their money charity, and volunteer in homeless shelters on the weekends.

This game wopuld have been a 5/5 if every NPC you kill, the main character should go to their victims' funeral. And when you rob someones car, you should be able forced to pay for any damages, get its oil checked, and take it through the car wash. Now that's what I call GOTY. /S!



instead of stealing cars, they should have you push little old ladies in wheelchairs around town while doing grocery shopping !!

has to be the stupidest complaint I have ever read for down scoring the game.

mafiahajeri1712d ago (Edited 1712d ago )

Lol being sincere means scoring awesome games low scores? More like they drank the click-bait kool aid...

sklorbit1712d ago

"It's certainly fun to be the bad guy sometimes, but only buy Grand Theft Auto V if you're prepared to play as characters with no justifiable motivation for doing awful things to people"

Seriously? when did GTA ever NOT have morally unjustifiable acts? Pretty sure when i drove on the side walk in previous games my motivation was not pure. I dont mind seeing lower reviews, but give us a good reason.

Godz Kastro1712d ago

Ok, so the guy gives you reasoning for his score. Accept it and move on... Everything isnt for everybody. He is part of a gaming website and is entitled to review on of the years biggest games. This is subjective matter people, no use in banging your heads against the wall over it.

This man said it best...

abzdine + 12m ago
why do you click if the game is 10/10 for you? you are a GTA fanboy? let me remind you that others aren't and people might hate what you might love and cherish.

despair1712d ago

You know just because a game scores high by many sites doesn't mean its over-hyped, it might actually be its really good. Considering you and I don't have the game yet (at least I assume you don't) we are in no position to agree or disagree with either Escapist or the Dozen other gaming site that reviewed this game.

Personally (and I estimate about 6 million other people) won't care what the reviews say as we will have the game to play tomorrow or at least within a week.

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FlameHawk1712d ago

Don't click, we all know that this game is going to be awesome.

Insomnia_841712d ago

That's exactly what I thought about GTA4.

Sold it back to gamestop two weeks after release when I finished it. It was all hype and nothing more. This time could be different but aftet GTA4 I didn't even pre-order this one and not sure if I will gwt it or not, same goes for Call Of Duty.

Bakkies1712d ago

I guess everyone has conveniently forgotten about GTA4. Also nobody remembers Rockstar's previous game, Max Payne 3. But now if GTA5 doesn't automatically receive 10/10, then that site must be "trolling".

Sketchy_Galore1712d ago

GTA4 certainly had more than its fair share of problems but Max Payne 3 was an absolutely incredible game that actually got the opposite of GTA4's treatment if you ask me. I think most people discounted it because it wasn't the comicbook noir they wanted from Max Payne. I myself fell for the backlash and didnt pick the game up until I was bored one time and bought a discounted copy as almost an afterthought. When I did I found it to be a ridiculously smooth and beautifully made shooter.

In fact Max Payne 3 and Red dead redemption are the things that have been reassuring me that this wouldn't be another overly ambitious mess like GTA4.

wAnxTa1712d ago

LOL fine attention whoring right here


one big epic fail of a review if ever I read one.

bunt-custardly1712d ago (Edited 1712d ago )

7/10 nice score guys!


Basically, the main complaint is a lack of warming to the three characters in that they do bad for the sake of being bad rather than a juxtaposed motive players can relate to.

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