GTA V features a song sharing feature but not custom tracks

GTA V has a song sharing function via the Social hub.

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xHeavYx1714d ago

It would have been nice to play my own music, but oh well, maybe after a patch

Septic1714d ago

What would be great is to change the music in the radio and everyone can hear your tracks blaring out of the car.

So imagine doing a drive-by with DRE echoing through the hoods, Doppler effect and all. That would be insane.

badboy7761714d ago

Why not have a record store? where we buy store(True Crimes NY)

Plagasx1714d ago

This is why we need a PC version.

Dark_king1714d ago

Sorry but no,mods are why we need a PC version.I mean your if just wanting to play your own music then play it on your stereo.

jackanderson19851714d ago

wouldn't this count as a mod?

Dark_king1714d ago

That depends on how you do it,playing it in background no it wouldn't. Having it play through the game though yes you could consider it a mod.

matgrowcott1714d ago (Edited 1714d ago )

All the 3D GTA games have had custom soundtrack support on PC.

"Independence FM. When you can play MP3s you've downloaded off the internet"

DarkBlood1714d ago

Ok so you can still actually listen to custom tracks single player ingame, the title made it appeared otherwise lol