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Edge Magazine: "No one makes worlds like Rockstar, but at last it has produced one without compromise. Everything works. It has mechanics good enough to anchor games of their own, and a story that is not only what GTA has always wanted to tell but also fits the way people have always played it. It’s a remarkable achievement, a peerless marriage of world design, storytelling and mechanics that pushes these ageing consoles to the limit and makes it all look easy."

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TheDarpaChief1711d ago

Edge gave it a ten? Game over guys see you on gta online


The one review that I bother to look at.

I am not saying they are always right, sometimes I think their reviews are way off, but it's always interesting reading.

Glad to see they enjoyed it.

I already expect most sites to give it a 10 just like they give nearly ever other AAA game a 9 or a 10 anyway, but when edge give out a 10, it's at least worth reading why

ArchangelMike1711d ago

What did Edge give GTA IV? No matter, GTA V all the way!

Count1711d ago

It's GTA IV all over again.

GarrusVakarian1711d ago (Edited 1711d ago )

But this time its deserved......

Don't make out like GTA5 is anywhere near as bad as GTA4. They couldn't have made a bigger improvement over GTA4 if they tried....


Watch the trailers, watch the leaked gameplay, you can see you for yourself right now.

A2X_1711d ago

Wasn't expecting less.

Perjoss1711d ago

10 from Edge = 12 out of 10

Lucreto1711d ago (Edited 1711d ago )

Still not convinced. I will wait until all the moaning about how it is like GTA IV before I buy it. It I don't hear the moaning I will not buy it.

silvacrest1711d ago

the only thing to moan about is the texture and geometry pop in (i got it early) everything else is as expected