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GR-UK writes: "We've been living in Los Santos for almost a week now, and every night we're going to bed late buzzing from what we've experienced and sporting a huge grin on our face at what we've seen. The game has refused to be uninteresting. Whether we're freely exploring the world or lining up one escalating mission after another, it's just a blast to play. Everything's been engineered to be as enjoyable as possible, and polished to near-perfection."

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xHoii1528d ago

99/100 on metacritic based on 12 reviews..

Perjoss1528d ago

Its up to 21 reviews now and still sitting at 99.

GTA IV has a colossal 98 score, Rockstar are pretty good at making games :)

Plagasx1528d ago

There is no way it will keep that 99. It'll be at LEAST as good as GTA IV. 98

GarrusVakarian1528d ago (Edited 1528d ago )

One more sleep before THIS GAME IS MINE. Argh, the wait is horrible.

Stop downvoting you hipsters XD.