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GodisaGeek: "Dirty sunlight flashes from the bonnet of an ice-white muscle car as it screams along the burning asphalt, TuPac and Dre blasting from the radio like it’s 1995. Across the street a leather-clad hooker attempts to solicit a John who narrowly escapes a pistol-whipping from her Letterman-jacket wearing pimp, and a police helicopter swoops low overhead, chopping up the sky as it speeds off in pursuit of some desperate criminal, probably just trying to make a buck.

It was at this moment, as I stood on the side of the road in the shoes of Franklin Clinton, that Grand Theft Auto V got to me. Not the bloody escape from a botched bank robbery that forms the opening scene (as impressive as it undoubtedly is), but here at this precise moment, back in Los Santos, reminded of just how beautiful and broken Rockstar’s version of Los Angeles really is. The vastness of it all is more striking than when you first stepped out into San Andreas as gangbanger CJ, brimming with greater danger and wider opportunity than Liberty City was when Niko Bellic first alighted on the pier five years ago."

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