CVG- GTA V Review

CVG:Los Santos, San Andreas. A sprawling metropolis, and a city of contrasts, from the golden sands of Vespucci Beach and palatial homes of Rockford Hills, to the the crime-ridden, graffiti-covered suburbs of Davis and Rancho. At night, looking across it from the Vinewood Hills, it seems to go on forever; an endless sea of lights, teeming with traffic and buzzing with helicopters. It's the most dense, intricate Grand Theft Auto city yet and, amazingly, only makes up a quarter of the map.

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xHoii1831d ago

Soo many perfect scores.. Then you have MAGS like escapist who gives this great game a 3.5/5

windblowsagain1831d ago

A great game doesn't justify a 10.

No game is perfect.

GTA would get good scores regardless.

I hated GTA4.

But i'm older then the average player:)

Perjoss1831d ago

"No game is perfect."

That is down to the individual. Personally I have quite a few games I think are perfect, but I do not expect anyone else to agree with my choices. Same goes for reviews, they are just opinions after all. If the reviewer thinks the game is perfect who are we to argue with him or her.

Count1831d ago (Edited 1831d ago )

You just want to believe that it's that amazing. I think these people just chug out 10s like they're nothing.

And it seems. The more and more time that passes. The more 10s they give out. Why don't they upgrade to a 20 rating system already. Cause it's getting to the point where a 10 is clearly not enough.

GTA IV was a 9.8 out of 10 average on metacritic. That means that so, so many reviewers gave it a 10 score. But who here would give that game a 10? Like seriously?

Reviewers are getting pathetic. And I think that Grand Theft Auto is the BIGGEST example of this.

here you can see all the 10s it got in all its glory. it's almost as long as a racing track.

I am disappointed to see that GTA V may just follow suit or perhaps even surpass its predecessor in reviewer ridiculousness.

Perjoss1831d ago

For me GTA IV is a 10, it just really clicked with me, I did everything to 100% and I never felt bored even as I approached the 100 hours played mark.

But I know exactly what you mean, way too many reviewers hand out 10s like candy, which is ok I guess, but what I really dont like is the attitude that a game that scores a 5 (on most sites and magazines) is considered a game to be avoided. 5 is the halfway mark and should be scored to games that are average, but this hardly ever happens.

Instead you get this scoring system that only seems to function from 7 to 10 with games that are really hated once in a blue moon getting a 1 to 3 score. Its just strange that this scoring trend only really happens in gaming.

Sketchy_Galore1831d ago

A 10 does not mean perfect just like a final review score is not the average of the sub-scores for graphics, gameplay etc. Think about it, why would a review scale include a number it was literally impossible for any game to ever reach?

I'm not talking about whether or not GTA5 deserves a 10, I don't know yet, not having played it. I'm just saying, if a game scores 10 it means it has achieved the highest level of quality for a videogame at this time. It does not mean the only perfect thing ever to exist has been discovered and it's a videogame. Review scales account for reality.

Blacktric1831d ago

"But i'm older then the average player:)"

How relevant.