Steam vs. Xbox One: Who Does Game Sharing Better?

IGN - We ask the question "How does Microsoft's game-sharing system match up against Steam's?" this week on Podcast Unlocked after Steam announced a similar service to the one on Xbox One.

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KingWilly1051709d ago

Obviously the Xbox One since you can share physical copies now unlike before.

cyguration1708d ago

Then why doesn't the Xbox One have its Family Share Plan available at launch?

P0werVR1708d ago

Because we live in a uninformed society who scares so easy...

Btw, this is an old news, right?!

TyBREAKR1708d ago

I love steam. I can get so many awesome games for cheap. I can share with myself if my laptp breaks. Good enough :)

Eonjay1708d ago

Steam vs of Digtial title sharing is way better obviously. The Xbox One version is similar to the PS4 version... you basically have to be signed in...

slayorofgods1708d ago

original xbox is much better than xbox one at sharing games.

Other than that I'd say steam. They both suck equally at game sharing but at least you can get two copies much cheaper on steam when you get done banging your head against the wall

P0werVR1708d ago

Very true.

To bad, we have to prolong the wait for progress.

rambi801708d ago (Edited 1708d ago )

i prefer sonys scheme cause it allows co-op play with one purchase. Wish they would go back to 5 systems though

nobody had a problem with family share...they had a problem with the verification system and MS did not have answers to basic consumer questions.

Interestingly, vita tv is gonna make a lot of people go digital...the key is that we still have a choice, which makes it feel less authoritarian.

ziggurcat1708d ago

they both do it equally as awful.

cunnilumpkin1708d ago

steam does everything better than ps4 and xbox1 and Nintendo combined could ever do if they tried as hard as they possibly could

xbox1 and ps4's live and psn services are pure trash compared to the beauty that is steam

mods, greenlight, community, sales, early access

a library of 20,000 games, cross party chat across multiple operating systems and game clients

launch any game of thousands with the click of a button, real time updates, auto patching, free to play games that look better than anything ps4 and xbox1 will ever have

there is nothing xbox1 and ps4 will ever have over steam, EVER!

ps4, which is supposedly the "strongest" of the weak next gen consoles cannot even run bf4 in medium settings at 1080p

so, yeah

steam is FAR better, origin is better than xbox live and psn, and origin

dark-hollow1708d ago (Edited 1708d ago )

GTA V lol.

Jovanian 1708d ago

The superior version of GTA 5 will be available on steam

GenericNameHere1708d ago

How's that GTA V and Red Dead Redemption po.... BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH AH haha sorry. Couldn't even finish that sentence.

But seriously, please, tell us more about your precious Steam. I'm sure if you spent that much on a high-end 8K triple monitor 1 bajillion FPS 50 trillion transistors PC, you would definitely want to show it off.

Jovanian 1708d ago

GTA 5 will make its way to steam, and there are far better open world games than RDR available on PC, with much less handholding and boring stretches of nothingness

KonsoruMasuta1708d ago (Edited 1708d ago )

Call me when I can buy Red Dead Redemption, Last of US, or any of the other highly acclaimed console exclusives for PC.

Yeah, consoles have better games.

I have a gaming PC and I hardly game on it. I hopped on it yesterday, played TW: Rome 2 for an hour, got bored, and went to play The Last of Us on the PS3.


I forgot to ask. Are you getting GTA V tom...... oh wait, I forgot......

sorane1708d ago

"Yeah, consoles have better games."

Not even close to the truth. I guess they're ok if you only like third person action games and generic shooters(plenty of both on pc already), but other than that they just have nothing innovative to offer. I mean what's the average length of a console exclusive? 8 hours? Maybe 10 if you're slow. Oh and I'm happy to wait for gta5 pc since I know it'll make the current versions look like an 8bit game.

In the meantime you wanna play some DoTA2....oh wait, I forgot.....

KonsoruMasuta1708d ago (Edited 1708d ago )

You talk about console games looking 8 bit but then you mention DOTA 2 which looks like an arcade game.

I played DOTA, it was alright, not as good some console exclusives though.

Also, I can tell you never played a console game since most console games are longer than 10 hours.

Also, how do you GTA is even coming out on PC? How do you know it's not going to be a poorly optimized POS like GTA 4? GTA 4 was better on consoles and I'm sure GTA V will be better on consoles too, if it even goes to PC.

Nothing but generic action games and shooters? What consoles are you playing.

My pile of console exclusive JRPGs must not be real then.

All longer than 50 hours and aren't shooters.

Jovanian 1708d ago (Edited 1708d ago )


1. GTA 4 was better on PC. Owned it on 360, owned it on PC, and PC experience trumped it.

2. 'Also, how do you GTA is even coming out on PC?' Name me one single GTA (excluding the portables and GTA 5 obviously) that is not playable on PC.

3. 'and I'm sure GTA V will be better on consoles too' Doubtful.

KonsoruMasuta1708d ago (Edited 1708d ago )


1. Had GTA 4 for 360 and PC. It was poorly optimized and ran horrible on PC.

2. Why would ask me to mention GTA's that are not playable on PC but then try to exclude the ones that aren't playable on PC?
So you are already fully aware of what GTA games aren't playable on PC. Why would you ask me to tell you then?

3. If it's anything like GTA 4, it will run better on consoles.

Edit: Replying to your post above my original one. Red Dead is one of the well received open world video games. You are obviously jealous you can't play it.

Edit: Oh yes, go ahead and play the portable GTAs on emulators. Aren't you so cool stealing games and being a pirate.

It seems you're not the one using your head.

Jovanian 1708d ago (Edited 1708d ago )

1. Had GTA 4 for 360 and PC. It was poorly optimized an ran horrible on PC.

Mine doesn't run horrible. Mid range PC.

2. Why would ask me to mention GTA's that are not playable on PC but then try to exclude the ones that aren't playable on PC?

Because that's the point. If you had ANY knowledge about statistical trends, you would realize how foolish it is to even imply GTA 5 wouldn't come to PC when GTA 1, 2, 3, vice city, san andreas, and 4, ALL THE MAIN GTAs, are on PC. Do you realize how idiotic it would be to say 'nope, out of the blue, GTA 5 breaks this trend line.' Oh and I needlessly excluded the portable GTAs. They are easily playable with emulators.

Get real, and start using your head for once

3. If it's anything like GTA 4, it will run better on consoles.

Even at its most horrible peformance, GTA 4 on PC runs better than the console version. The console version of GTA 4 was freaking hideous and ran way, WAY worse than anything I've seen in my GTA 4 on PC

Edit: so you ignore all my other points and call me out on the emulator thing? LOL

sorane1708d ago (Edited 1708d ago )

"GTA 4 was better on consoles and I'm sure GTA V will be better on consoles too"

Now I know you're just trolling since that is an OBVIOUS lie.

Some easy proof for ya.....

1707d ago
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