THE 'GTA V' review: Rockstar Games' toast to a generation - Examiner

Good news, everyone. Grand Theft Auto V is the game you were hoping for and a lot more. This is not just another open-world title that promises so much, but doesn't deliver on everything. This is a game that surpasses your wildest expectations for what an open-world game can be, and should be.

For the first time ever, Grand Theft Auto V tells the story of three separate, very different protagonists whose destinies are intertwined in ways that two of them probably figured they would be, while the other was brought into the fold oh so fortuitously.

This story takes you on twists and turns, while providing action unlike any other installment before it. The story of Franklin, Michael and Trevor is compelling, rich, dramatic and will keep you enthralled even with the addicting open-world lure of Los Santos always being present.

When a series has had so many installments, like Grand Theft Auto has had, it's hard for a developer to innovate and bring new experiences that players have yet to see.

But this is Rockstar Games we are talking about and they managed to do just that.

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