Sony Launch ‘Ultimate PlayStation Plus Gaming Package’ Competition

Continuing the trend of offering their core audience some hugely exciting competitions, Sony Computer Entertainment Europe (SCEE) is now offering you the chance to win the ‘ultimate gaming package’ with PlayStation Plus. Essentially an advertisement for the benefits of a PlayStation Plus subscription on PlayStation 3, PlayStation Vita and PlayStation 4, the competition offers more than £2,000 worth of prizes simply for knowing what benefits the service provides.

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xHeavYx1799d ago

Man,I wish I lived in Europe. I hope they do something similar in NA

HeyImBen111799d ago (Edited 1799d ago )

NA gets always stuff earlier, its only fair :P.

admiralvic1798d ago

Totally! Cause Europe didn't get Killzone Mercenary 6 days earlier and Rayman Legends 4 days earlier just a week or two ago. Yup. NA is ALWAYS getting stuff earlier. -eye roll-

Rayansaki1798d ago

@admiralvic funny you should mention the vita Killzone. Persona 4 Golden came what? 4 months earlier on NA?

admiralvic1798d ago

@ Rayansaki

Also came out 5 months earlier in Japan... things release at different time, but the US is not always first, which is all my point is.

FamilyGuy1798d ago

*Off topic*

Is this a glitch on N4G?

Only 23 comments yet (currently) at 750 degrees!?


insomnium21798d ago

I'm still waiting for Dragon's crown to be released here in Europe.....

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BlueBlood171798d ago

Is this a joke!!!?

This competition ENDED LAST MONTH!

How was this approved?

luisvideogames1798d ago

damm it i accidentally gave admiralvic a diagree, and it says i cant take it back.

BlueBlood171796d ago

Well, apparently a couple of people feel the need to disagree with absolute fact...

Einstein once stated that a certain two things were infinite... And these kind of people are to blame for the latter.

nooneknows1798d ago

Its because stuff are really expensive in EU, so I guess this is an incentive.

cellfluid1798d ago

Don't wish u live in Europe buddy poor Internet service.. Lol

silvacrest1798d ago

kinda ignorant and just straight up wrong, as if europe is just one place

in the UK where i am, i get 80 down and 30 up, not the best speed but far far better then a lot of people in the US

N4GDgAPc1798d ago

I just entered like I live in Europe:) Hopefully they will ship it to US. If not I would pay for shipping for that.

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warczar1797d ago

You better check the rules of that contest. It's not open to us dirty Americans.

MisfitsInc1799d ago

damn Europe gets all the good stuff.

SnakeCQC1799d ago

Hasn't this competition been up for atleast a month?

monkey6021799d ago

I'm glad it went up again in that case. I missed it the first time. Not that I feel I'll win it or anything

SnakeCQC1799d ago

the competition has been active for over a month and the winner has yet to be announced lol

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