Total War: Rome 2 Review {Critically Sane}

"Total War: Rome 2 is the latest installment in one of strategy gaming’s most revered franchises. It is a sequel of sorts to Rome: Total War, a wonderful title released nine years ago but sorely in need of a modern update. Rome 2 also represents a departure of sorts for the series, altering many game systems, increasing the number of units of the field, improving the graphics, introducing new political and faction systems, and offering massive maps, both at the strategic campaign level and in the real-time tactical level."

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Xof1798d ago


The game is out.
We know it's garbage.
What's the point in writing a review like this post-release?
Metacritic damage control?

CriticallySane1798d ago (Edited 1798d ago )

Well, I didn't get my review code until release day. Would have been tough to get it up before now- it's a big game with a lot of play.

Have you actually played it? It's pretty good. Also, if you read the review, I do point out the game's issues.

Also, I just looked up the metacritic score (we're not on metacritic btw): 80. If I was trying to raise the score, I'm doing a pretty crappy job.

Xof1798d ago

Of course I've played the game. It's abysmal.

Even ignoring the -countless- technical issues, horrid UI, and terrible implementation of new features, the fact that the AI is completely braindead and formations simply do not work render it an abject failure as a strategy game.

If you're not pushing some agenda, fine--if that's the case, then you simply have no appreciation for the strategy genre and shouldn't bother reviewing strategy games.

CriticallySane1798d ago

I think I'll keep reviewing strategy games, thanks. I don't think I'll follow any of your comments, as you obviously lack the intellectual capacity to debate things maturely and without insulting others.