GTA V on Xbox 360: "For Optimal Performance Don't Install Play Disc Data" says Rockstar

Gamers who will be getting GTA V on Xbox 360, Rockstar Games has an important message for you.

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DxTrixterz1679d ago (Edited 1679d ago )

Usually for all of games, developers RECOMMEND to install games on HDD. I don't care what they say I will fully install my GTA5 on my Xbox 360 HDD as I do not want my precious GTA5 to get scratched and maybe it will even fix some of the pop ins people has been saying the game have.

retrofly1679d ago

There must be an issue with installing the disc that makes the game worse or breaks something.

Whatever it is they said they'll have more information at launch.

Very strange.

Spinal1679d ago

Hmm... strange request, but i'll still be installing to the hard drive. I don't want the loading times hampered by reading the disc.

Adexus1679d ago

That's what causes severe pop ins, I assume it's because you have to install a mandatory 8GB to the HDD and if you install the second disc the HDD is doing double the work and can't keep up, hence it being far worse, I've been running it off disc and it's been running absolutely fine.


my guess would be for them to say something like this they are aware of some of the issues that have come up in the leaked videos which is why they are saying to play it like this.

dmeador1679d ago

Haha. Yeah, bc you know better then the people who made the dang game. Why would they have any reason to tell you something that would make you like their product less? Shouldn't get scratched bc it shouldn't ever come out of your 360 :)

fossilfern1679d ago

Its probably to do with caching data on drive. If you have the hard drive reading and caching it can slow things down. Thats what im guessing anyway.

Tskales1679d ago

That's bullshit.

So i have to put up with my 360 sounding like a helicopter if i want to play the game?

hankmoody1679d ago

Dude. If Rockstar themselves are advising against it, why in God's name would you do the exact opposite?

bulleteddy1679d ago

Wow, now I see why so many people have bricked consoles.If the MAKERS of the game, say to not install it on the HDD and yet people do despite the clear warning, those are idiots in action.

"We've lived through tornados befo' and no sir we aint 'vacuatin' no matter what the gov'ment sayz."

"I've installed games to my HDD befo' and yes sir I'm gonna install this one too, I don' cur what the game manufacturer says."

Same difference.

ThanatosDMC1679d ago

The pop ups are really bad. Just check out the jet video someone uploaded. I mean, you could kill youself because the damn skyscrapers havent loaded yet but you'll hit an invisible wall.

crxss1679d ago (Edited 1679d ago )

it's just like skyrim was, game looked better without installing

Kleptic1679d ago

I don't think this is something that is going to destroy the 360...its just the way the asset streaming works...

Both consoles can simultaneously stream data from two sources...the optical drive, and the HDD...while both consoles do not have particularly fast or modern HDD's or optical drives (speed wise), 2 sources can in some cases be better than one...

thats all this is about...looks like, with the release code, having everything on a 360's HDD and not using the disc maxes out the bandwidth of the HDD in some delays on LOD...while using the play disc, it doesn't happen...

choice is yours...

fattyuk1679d ago


"do not want my precious GTA5 to get scratched"

Blu ray says hi

jatakk1679d ago

Installing to a USB flash drive appears to eradicate the performance issues found when both discs are installed to the Xbox 360 hard drive.

JohnS13131679d ago

Maybe the graphics look better if you use the DVD. They must not install the best graphics on the hard drive so it doesn't take too much space. Maybe they should give options on how much space to use and how good you want the graphics.

gaffyh1679d ago

The game is probably coded to cache data to the HDD, so if you install it to the HDD, it is reading and writing from the same source, so might be slower than if you just run from the disc. I think Halo 3 was similar to this as well? Can't remember exactly, but I remember it was either that or ODST.

pinkyxyz1679d ago

considering they are the developer in question, why wouldn't you follow their recommendations?

HurtfulTimez1679d ago

Sigh... Some people just do not listen do they? Well I hope u continue to ignore their advice and hope your machine breaks as a result of your ignorance.

mcstorm1679d ago

I remember this being said about halo 3 that the game works better from the DVD than the HDD.

Danniel11679d ago

Yeah that's a sensible attitude mate, they have specifically told you how to enhance the performance of the game and you are going to purposefully ignore it.

BlackTar1871679d ago


you deserve the ignoramus award.
"Usually for all of games, developers RECOMMEND to install games on HDD. I don't care what they say I will fully install my GTA5 on my Xbox 360 HDD as I do not want my precious GTA5 to get scratched and maybe it will even fix some of the pop ins people has been saying the game have. "

Lol this is absurd sounding. The 8 people who agreed with you OMG

No_Limit1679d ago (Edited 1679d ago )


Great link to the USB installation solution. I will be putting my Disc 2 on my 16gb USB drive and problem solve. No high nosie and save wear and tear on the disc. Ingenious solution. Cant wait to play this tomorrow.

Haki11121679d ago

I Did I have no problems with mines

HardcoreGamer1679d ago

damn some people living in the past, i have over 80 ps3 games and i have non of them scratchd, heck iv even thrown them around a little. because blur ray ownz , new tech baby, dvd is soo old

-SIXAXIS-1679d ago

You do realize that the reason they load the other disc on HDD is to allow it to load from DVD and HDD at the same time right? Putting them both on HDD slows it down by half and will cause pop-ins, loading, etc.

Gamer19821678d ago (Edited 1678d ago )

This is because it reads the map already from install disc so installing makes it read from 2 separate parts of the HDD. It's possible to do obviously its a HDD however your gonna get slowdowns because the maps already running from the HDD, when you add the game on top of that as well you run into problems. HDD installs work great for single disc games or games where you have to physically swap the discs but you should never use them for install based games like GTA V. Also if you care that much about scratched discs you should have gone PS3 blurays are a damn sight harder to scratch (not impossible)thanks to their scratch-proof layer. Oh and don't stand your 360 up that helps.

harrisk9541678d ago

Ummmm... ok.... well, I guess if the *DEVELOPERS* are recommending it, I would ABSOLUTELY ignore the advice... I mean, what would R* know about the game anyway?? /s

I just don't understand some people. I guess you know better than the people who created the game. Obviously, there is an issue with installing the game disc.

DeadlyFire1678d ago

They will patch up any issue with the install.

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JackVagina1679d ago

^^^^ Are yous crazy?

If Rockstar says don't install it, then don't...

MestreRothN4G1679d ago

I played with it installed. Runs very nice. Could be better? IDK. The worst problem I had was with pop ups, about which I don't mind at all.

That said, there's another problem: X360 disc reader is WAY TO EFFIN LOUD. It's been years since I played a game not installed and I don't intend to do it again. At least while the console is in the same room as I am.

Blaze9291679d ago

Since the entire disc 2 is installed to the HDD and used, streaming disc 1 at the same time would probably crash the thing

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showtimefolks1679d ago

install the 2nd disk but don't install the game disk, RS are working on it

its a huge game guys, have some patience. I only have ps3 but i don't think not being able to install the game disk is a huge issue

as long as you get to play the game

some of the comments are pathetic, i am a sony\/ps brand fan but that doesn't mean i should be happy when a game has some issues on xbox360. its pathetic that some of you can only get happy when other gamers on other consoles are having issues

nothing wrong with supporting sony like i do but don't hate on competition, because without it we won't see companies try as much

3-4-51679d ago

IT runs better with it NOT installed.

kraigslist_killa1679d ago

So wait....there are two disk? I thought multiple disc was a last generation confused.

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Hellsvacancy1679d ago

I wonder if the people who leaked the gameplay clips had it installed

Queasy1679d ago

Considering that many of those were probably illegally downloaded copies, probably all of them.

porkChop1679d ago

The game didn't get leaked on torrent sites until after the gameplay had been posted online. Some even showed the game case in their videos.

THamm1679d ago

They could do it either way. Even with the copied disc, they could install it on the hdd just like a regular copy or play it off the disc. Others can simply play it off a usb thumb drive or install off an external drive.

ramiuk11679d ago

most jtag these days dude,very little still use disc

ThanatosDMC1679d ago

They probably had to. There's torrents out all ready for the game.

Jubez1871679d ago

Game shoulda just been PS3 exclusive. 360 too outdated to be running games like this tsk tsk

Queasy1679d ago

PS3 requires a hard drive install too, genius.

eldeladi1679d ago (Edited 1679d ago )

PS3 has bluray so doesn't need install since the whole game can be loaded from BD as you play. 360 has DVD small size, plus not guaranteed HDD on every console to install 2nd disk.

Software_Lover1679d ago


Blu-ray has nothing to do with HDD streaming. You guys just spout out everything you hear or read. I guess Kojima needs to redo MGS4 because you know that game had installs?

Queasy1679d ago

@eldeladi: Try again, genius.

"In order to provide the best possible experience for such a massive and detailed world, the game will have installation requirements on both Xbox 360 and PlayStation®3 systems..

For PlayStation®3, the game ships on one disc and will install content as soon as you insert the game. The install is roughly 8GB, and players will be able to play as soon as the install is complete."

danowat1679d ago

PS3 has a 8500mb MANDATORY install........

hankmoody1679d ago

PS3 needs an install as well, you goon.


Microsoft said the same things about Halo 3 when we were able to install games. Halo 3 used the Harddrive for cache or something.

My_Name_BTW_Is_Dante1679d ago

For Optimal Performance wait for the PC version.

MasterCornholio1679d ago

I thought they only discovered code for the PS4 version not the PC version.

Motorola RAZR i

steve30x1679d ago

They discovered code for PC version too and Nvidia said that the PC version is coming too

CalamityCB1679d ago

In the code it said "ORBIS" and "PC".

Kleptic1679d ago

^ha yeah Nvidia blew that one...listed it on an open investor conference call a few weeks ago...

rest assured...PC version, as well as next gen console versions, are coming...just a matter of how soon...

porkChop1679d ago


What I find interesting about that is that they found code for PS4 and PC, but not the Xbox One apparently.

Even though they found the code, that doesn't necessarily mean that GTA V will be released on next gen. It's extremely likely, and I do expect them to, but it could just mean that the latest version of RAGE is next gen ready.

Gamer19821678d ago

Yeah it loks like its been in production for the PS4 from when it was still called the ORBIS so no doubt they are working on it and have for a while and PC codes been found, not to mention the nvidia leak. No Xbox leak yet though it will probably come but rockstar owe Sony right now for a game so maybe they could change that deal to timed exclusive for next gen? As they are gonna get the bulk of sales from current gen anyway and porting from ps4/pc to xbone shouldn't take too long.

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Count1679d ago

It's a shame not everyone can afford a PC.

ion6661679d ago

alot of ppl dont understand there are bills to be paid in the wack ass real world.damn i got save for 400 bux let alone a p.c. gaming rig.

porkChop1679d ago

That is true, though you really don't need a top end rig. If you already have a decent monitor (720p+), keyboard, mouse (1600dpi+), case (f/r fans) etc, then you could get a pretty good gaming PC for about $400 to $500. It is worth it to get a gaming PC in addition to a console, there's lots of great exclusives on PC just as there are on PS/XB.

Building your own PC probably sounds very difficult and complicated, but it's actually really simple to put it together. There are some really great, easy to understand tutorials on YouTube that will show you how to put it together fairly easily.

Gamer19821678d ago

PCs are cheaper than next gen consoles especially over a 10 year period. So if you can afford ps4/xbone you can afford a gaming PC. As you only gotta add up console premium on games, replacement console over the 10 years and xbl/ps+ and PS4/xbone goes well over £1000 buying only 3-4 games a year.

DxTrixterz1679d ago (Edited 1679d ago )

Optimal Performance? PC version? Not to be rude but have you ever played GTA IV on PC? I really hope PC version comes out eventually but please Rockstar optimise GTA V better this time. GTA IV was very badly optimised and back in the 2008-09 you needed a monster PC to run that thing.

steve30x1679d ago

Yes I have GTA IV on PC and it plays perfectly on my three year old hardware. The only thing I've updated is my graphics card which is a GTX680.

boing11679d ago

And wait another year for that gameplay awesomeness that is available today?? Hell no!!

KonsoruMasuta1679d ago

The PC version of GTA 4 was poorly optimized. If this is anything like that, I'll get it on consoles.

majedx91679d ago Show
MxRBrobaFett1679d ago

I'll think about that while I'm playing it in 4 hours

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