Divnich: Wii Fit and GTA IV can 'co-exist'

Jesse Divnich, newly-installed director of Analytical Services at EEDAR, believes that there should be little disruption to overall sales of Grand Theft Auto IV, even though demand for Wii Fit - released in the UK just days earlier than Rockstar's title - appears to be extremely high.

However, he did admit that there may be an initial hit, based on some crossover, although if so, it wouldn't last too long.

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PS360WII3812d ago

Yeah that makes sense but I didn't really know it was a question.

Unreal_Liquid_Jonte3811d ago

OMG "Wii Fit and GTA IV can co-exist" GTA will turn Wii fit into a smoking pile of sh!t.

thePatriot3811d ago

It seperates the casual from the gamer. The more options there are, more people are buying and the industry grows. April will go down as one of the greatest months in gaming history for sales.
I think wii fit is like something you hold and it tells you how to move or something, I dont know really.