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After a fail effort of becoming a true MMORPG as version 1.0, Square Enix presents its fresh and completely reinvisioned Final Fantasy XIV online. Will they manage to get their hardcore fans back and continue to love the series after so many bashing that they've received? Let's find out.

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Deeke1795d ago

Awesome game, definitely one of the must-have MMO's of the past few years!

-Mika-1795d ago

Ya, it a perfect 5/5 for me

mgeezy3131795d ago

I'm so happy to see that Square Enix fixed it and I'm glad that I stayed by their side the whole road too.

ThanatosDMC1795d ago

Question: Do PC people play with PS3 people?

I'm curious about this MMO but not sure if i should get it.

amuadiv1795d ago

Yes pc and ps3 play together

Lexanth1795d ago

The game will cost $39.99 on PS3 and $29.99 on PC and have a $12.99 monthly subscription fee.