Diablo III Review | VR-Zone

VR-Zown's Gaming Editor Derek Strickland delivers the verdict on Blizzard's console port of Diablo III:

"Diablo III‘s introduction to the console market is a great idea, as there aren’t many mainstream dungeon-crawling RPG’s available. Blizzard has packed in all of the demon-slaying loot-filled action from their triple-A mainstream release into a nice consolidated package that offers as much replay value as the PC version.

"With a massive offering of content and a host of unique experiences, gamers could play Diablo III for months and not have the same exact experience twice. It’s an adventure into the realm of pure dungeon-crawling action-RPG action that gets better the more you play it–which is in no small part due to the randomized drops, dungeons, and re-playable quests and difficulties."

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Deeke1795d ago

Diablo III for Xbox 360 and PS3 is undoubtedly one of the best RPG's available for consoles, and affords an incredible amount of replayability thanks to the game's randomized loot system.

Oh and don't forget online multiplayer--and offline couch co-op!--plus a smattering of other modes including Brawling (PvP) and a new Key Warden mode!

SnakeCQC1793d ago

It's actually better than the crappy pc version

Ghostdogg1793d ago

I didn't think the PC version was that bad just think it would've been alot better if not for the always online thing and the AH