Albert Penello Done Explaining Xbox One Architecture Benefits

"Over the past several months, Albert Penello, who leads planning for Xbox One, Xbox 360 and Kinect for Microsoft, has been facing an uphill task."

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d0nT wOrrY1650d ago ShowReplies(3)
zeal0us1650d ago

Panello must thought he could say things on NeoGaf and users would just take his word for it.

GryestOfBluSkies1650d ago

why wouldn't he think that... it certainly worked on some people around here...

xHeavYx1650d ago

Penello takes the crown as best Sony double agent, note that Mattrick is gone.
I do agree that, at the end, it comes down to the games, but having the most powerful console helps create those amazing games

Hatsune-Miku1650d ago (Edited 1650d ago )

Albert penello done lying about the xbox one benefits

gaffyh1650d ago

So basically he admitted he didn't know wtf he was talking about, and it would be better to shut up and let the people who know explain. I said as much when he pulled that peak RAM bandwidth figure out of his ass.

pedrof931650d ago

Pennelo shouldn't have go into the specs area.

He is stepping back, because he knows that what was stated was true so...

JokesOnYou1650d ago

Good like I said those gafs kids only want to hear how the ps4 is a super computer, no amount of explaining will satisfy them. Let the X1 games do the talking, whats interesting is micro has given far more details beyond basic specs than sony, so its ironic sony loyal folks never ask sony things like "Can you elaborate on cpu clockspeed" or "What customization has been done with the ps4 cpu/gpu soc? No just micro has to talk details. Hell new reports/rumors on Sony questioning if they will deliver something previously confirmed are met with, "OK thats fine we'll wait until sony figures it out, but who cares if its true". Typical n4g hypocrisy.

gaffyh1650d ago (Edited 1650d ago )

@JOY - Don't worry, apparently it is coming in the next few days if TGS info is to be believed. The truth will eventually be revealed, whether MS or Sony like it or not.

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Mike134nl1650d ago

Its not his expertise so he probably just got some numbers of someone from the guys who build the interior of the box. I like the guy for going out of his way trying to communicate with us gamers.

Strikepackage Bravo1650d ago

How old are you? What are you doing here with these kids? You sound like a grownup.

quenomamen1650d ago

He forgot he couldn't just use " Teh Cloud, ESRAM, and Peak Bandwith " willy nilly like on N4G.

Gekko361649d ago


You're right!, why should he tell you the details when N4G is full of conspiracy theorists anyway.

We have some propper space nut on here like xHeavyx and Maria.

I for one will read and wait to verify instead of jumping in and knocking one out over every single article that praises or vilifies either console.

They are just shit PC's in a pretty box after all.

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majiebeast1650d ago (Edited 1650d ago )

Bubububbubut we created directX! He tried to bullshit people that arent as gullible as the people on XBone subreddit. What he got was a backfire of epic proportions.

Why havent we seen BF4 on xbone hardware?

CRAIG6671650d ago

We have seen BF4 on X1,looks the same as PS4 dude.
Just saying...

majiebeast1650d ago

Where last i checked it was running on PC or PS4 they have never shown xbox one footage same for Watchdogs.

CRAIG6671650d ago

They had 8 man multiplayer matches at gamescom dude...
People were commenting that it looked bad, as in the same as PS4-awful compared to the PC version and were also confused as to why they were only showing 8 men matches when I believe the PS4 demo's were 16 player...

Hicken1650d ago

That multiplayer was on PC with an XB1 controller.

And people said it looked bad on PS4 cuz they were, for some odd reason, comparing it to the 4k-displayed PC versions they'd seen before. Doesn't make much sense, but hey.

BallsEye1650d ago

It will be shown on EB Games Expo 2013 4-6 October

""Over 100 consoles will be there, with at least three games on offer: Ryse, Battlefield 4, and Killer Instinct. Microsoft is staying mum on whether Battlefield 4 will be singleplayer or multiplayer. There will also be presentations from game makers developing on the One, and the chance to see Kinect 2.0."

Reason why MS was keeping it back is probably because of stereo drivers being unlocked for the third party devs this month (all games were running on mono drivers so far). Could be the eason for DICE running it on high end PC's and saying it represents XO final version, running on XO specs. Should be interesting, knowing that ps4 version was running on medium settings 720p.


PS4 version of battlefield was not shown to public. Only behind closed-doors hands on saying it looks bad , blurry and 720p. Just write in google bf4 running on ps4.

SniperControl1650d ago

"Reason why MS was keeping it back is probably because of stereo drivers being unlocked for the third party devs this month (all games were running on mono drivers so far). Could be the eason for DICE running it on high end PC's and saying it represents XO final version, running on XO specs.

Dude, you talk absolute rubbish, you know that?

"Should be interesting, knowing that ps4 version was running on medium settings 720p"

I like how you conveniently took out X1 from that

BallsEye1650d ago

Dude, you talk absolute rubbish, you know that?
I didnt took out anything from any sentence

here you go.

"From the moment I sat down, I was surprisingly underwhelmed by the visuals. Instead of the crisp, detailed textures I've encountered this week on the PC version or other titles running on next-gen hardware, Battlefield 4 on PS4 looked soft and muddled. Wall textures looked half-finished, lacking some of the smaller material nuances or 3D variation. Environmental destruction was more extensive than Battlefield 3 and explosions would send larger chunks of buildings into the air, but once again, the particles looked dull. Weapon models looked great at the hip, but as soon as I raised them to look down the iron sights or scopes, imperfections became apparent."

How is that rubbish?

SniperControl1650d ago

Actually, I was refering to your mono/stereo driver remark.

I get the distinct impression that you think, once Sony release the PS4 they are gonna sit back and do nothing and watch M$ continue to update all there drivers over time.

Man, you are so blinkered........

GhostHero3331650d ago

you cant talk logic on this site its mainly stubborn sony fanboys who are so loyal they sound very ignorant when they write a comment about anything thats not sony.

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Regis1650d ago

Its mainly an Advertisement point. "Hey guys lets show gameplay on the better console and so we can get more money then with PC. Oh since there are xbox fans that want to see it on xbox as well? Here you go."

lifeisgamesok1650d ago

I'd be done too. Both consoles will have benefits

Fanboys don't listen and if you think one will be superior over the other in every department you are that said fanboy

sandman2241650d ago

I agree with you. They are both great systems, I feel like it it's going to come down to the exclusives and what controller you prefer. I personally pre ordered both because I love games period. But if I only could get one it would be ps4, because I'm a sucker for killzone.

NewMonday1650d ago

why is that exactly?

why do some think it is not possible for the PS4 to be the most powerful console? this is a straight up fact

GryestOfBluSkies1650d ago


because some people just follow blindly.


Lol...u are that "said fanboy" that lifeisgamesok is referring to. You people don't listen. He or she didn't say that one was not more powerful than the other, he simply stated that they will both have their benefits. There was no need for the Sony Defense Force in that comment.



Also show me a ps4 game that looks 40%-50% more powerful than an xbox 1 game.

NewMonday1650d ago


Sorry but in total the XB1 will not have any sort of advantage over the PS4

this is a real FACT, blame MS for not living up to expectations not gamers.

CYCLEGAMER1650d ago (Edited 1650d ago )

What are you talking about?? Your fanboyism is unprecedented. The fact that majority if not all games will be on dedicated servers, the fact that the xbox will recognize exactly who is using the xbox at any time, being able to use external capture cards, and the xb1's launch line up of exclusive console titles are advantages for the xb1 platform.

Sony has their advantages as well, one being raw power and price point.

I am a true gamer and both are shaping up to my expectations.

NewMonday1650d ago


we are talking about the power available for games, not the add-on stuff, Penello was talking about this, this is what everyone means when talking about the power difference, what are YOU talking about?

PS4/XB1 have different side features like Gaikai/cloud, some like this some like that.

a "fanboy" ignores facts like dedicated servers are also available for PS4 games like BF4 and Destiny.

should we stop taking about power because it will hurt somebody's feelings? nobody should love a company this much, it's ludicrous

people should just face it Sony did a great job, MS tried but came up short

CYCLEGAMER1650d ago (Edited 1650d ago )

First, you specifically stated "in total the XB1 will not have ANY sort of advantage over the PS4" So I responded accordingly.

I There you go doing your fanboy thing again and not listening, never said that Sony will not have ANY games on dedicated servers, xbox has stated that all will be (I say most) on dedicated servers.

Why would my feelings be hurt?? Even though the xb1 offers better launch games for me....I will be getting BOTH systems at launch.

You can talk power all you want, however I am still waiting on you to show me a ps4 game that looks 40%-50% more powerful than an xb1 game.

I want you to actually answer that question this time don't skip over it.

NewMonday1650d ago (Edited 1650d ago )

I would love to once MS show multi-platform 3rd party games running on XB1 hardware

and why is BF4 shown on the PS4 when MS have exclusive marketing and content?

"Why would my feelings be hurt?? Even though the xb1 offers better launch games for me....I will be getting BOTH systems at launch"

that is all you have to say, the majority of gamers don't agree according to pre-order numbers, the games I'm interested in are Quantum Break and Halo, but only a few games are not enough, MS need to prove the consistent commitment to bring a variety of exclusives year after year like Sony did+

CYCLEGAMER1650d ago (Edited 1650d ago )


There you go damage controlling again and avoiding the question. Just go ahead and say that there is not a game that the ps4 offers that looks 50% better.

ok lets not look at the multiplates, show me a EXCLUSIVE that shows that the ps4 has 50% more power.....I'll wait..............

You cannot use pre-order numbers to justify what system offers better games for me, or anyone else....did you factor in the price, how about public (or rather internet) perception??

It's a shame that this site caters to fanboys like you, you are whats wrong with the gaming comunnity today.

Ps....still waiting!

BitbyDeath1650d ago

@melman, compare what driveclub and forza are achieving, not sure if DC is doing 50% more but it'd sure be close.

NewMonday1650d ago (Edited 1650d ago )

again, why is BF4 shown on the PS4 when MS have exclusive marketing and content?

you don't have an answer for this do you

XboxFun1650d ago

I want to know what Sony exclusive game uses this 50% power too?

"why is BF4 shown on the PS4 when MS have exclusive marketing and content?"

So what are you saying here, that BF4 won't be on X1? And I sure it's CoD:Ghosts with exclusive marketing and content not BF4.

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andreasx1650d ago (Edited 1650d ago )

Finally, tired of hearing about "teh powah of ze clowds" and "dGPUs". All he did was confusing people furtheer.

dmeador1650d ago

All he did was go into more detail on the hardware under the hood. If people dont know anything about cars then yeah you're gonna confuse them when you talk about the design of an engine

iamnsuperman1650d ago (Edited 1650d ago )

But he didn't know and that is the problem. This is why gaf hit him hard because what he said made no sense. Let's look at it this way, you can talk about what is under the hood of a car (that is fine) but what he tried to do is talk about what is under the hood to car fanatics when he knows nothing about cars. He shouldn't have got involved

ShwankyShpanky1650d ago

But he wasn't. There are plenty of people on GAF that know the ins and outs of hardware and development.

But they don't work at McDonalds... so I guess they're not experts on "secret sauce."