Mark Cerny interview – Building PS4, designing Knack & placing apples Crash Bandicoot 2

OPM: You may know him as ‘that guy who made PS4’, but in many ways Mark Cerny is more than ‘just’ the lead system architect who built that black box – he is PlayStation. A Sony consultant for over a decade, he’s responsible for giving Insomniac and Naughty Dog their first breaks, and has been involved in everything from Spyro and Crash Bandicoot, to God Of War and Resistance.

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IRetrouk1771d ago

Great interview, and like i said in a comment a couple of days ago, the gpu has been customised.

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stuna11771d ago

I've been saying this from the beginning! Sony have always been known to customize their hardware! I is part of the future proofing process, if it wasn't anyone could pretty much make their own PS4.

Thing about Cerny's interview is he is basically telling everyone that Sony have, dotted all their "I"s and crossed all their "T"s! For him to keep saying that the PS4 is the most powerful console ever made, I'm sure Sony and him have delved extensively into different hardware configurations, as well as researched different ways their competitors could possibly be headed with their console development.

I'm willing to concede to a certain extent that Microsoft have a upper hand OS wise, but Hardware wise I'm sticking with Sony, after all it is what they do.

5h4h4b1771d ago

"Then over the next few years, as programmers get the chance to dig deeper, [you’ll see] improvements in graphics and simulation as PS4’s secrets are unlocked"


GirlOnFire1771d ago

It's going to be a great gen with Sony. I loved my PS3 even tho I was late like a dummy. ^~^

ZBlacktt1771d ago

Like when they said MGS4 only possible on the PS3. People should start to see when they say something. It's a fact. So the worlds most powerful console is $100 cheaper also.

Notice how 3rd party Devs use the PS4 Dev kit in production of such games like Destiny, Watch Dogs, AC4 BF and even BF4? They love the Dual Shock 4 as well.

johndoe112111770d ago

Did anyone else read Mark Cerney's dialog in his voice???