More Information on Homeworld and Homeworld 2 HD Remakes by Gearbox Surfaces

At the Gearbox Community Day some more information was shared about the HD remakes of the classic Homeworld and of its sequel, Homeworld 2.

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modesign1765d ago

if its not a free update, no ones going to buy this.

Twilightx71765d ago

You're right, nobody is going to buy an HD remake of a game from 10 YEARS AGO unless it's released in a free update.


xharrypotterx1765d ago

Lol you are crazy. Homeworld has a cult following. I for one would pay double the price for an HD remake >.> Not just updated resolution constraint but proper HD Remake.

Guitardr851765d ago

I will be buying this!!!! The Homeworld series (including Cataclysm) was amazing!!!! One of the best stories in a game ever!!!

pandehz1765d ago

Bahahaha lol.

I am buying it so your claim is already bull.

IcicleTrepan1765d ago

I hope they don't screw this up :(

MilkMan1765d ago

Whoa, whoa. Music and cinematics?!
These where some of the BEST I've seen in a game and it REALLY set the tone for the game. Change that, change the game.
What made Homeworld a masterpiece was that everything worked well together to create such a lovely experience.

I wouldn't mind a new take on the UI (but that's just me). Everything else, please keep as it was. Find them wherever you need to.

ThanatosDMC1765d ago

Yeah, i know what you mean. They'll screw this up. They should just make a sequel or something.