GTA 5 PC release petition raises over 350,000 signatures

Grand Theft Auto 5 is out tomorrow for the DirectX Box Three Hundred and Sixty and PlayStation Computer Entertainment System the Third.

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beepbopadoobop1713d ago

We all know its coming to PC, theres a dam good chance of it coming to next gen consoles too. Theres too much money in those three systems for them to miss out on!

Xof1713d ago

No, we don't know that.

Red Dead Redemption says hello.

Ohlmay1713d ago

Just like every GTA game, none of them ever came... Oh wait, every single GTA is on PC.

crxss1713d ago

Sorry to disappoint but it's 100% coming to PC... probably only disappointing you though

allgamespc20121713d ago

haha you stupid jealous noob, it will come to pc and it will be the better version and you know it, how sad are you?

sephiroth4201713d ago

yes yes we do know, i dont think anyone really cares at all that red dead didnt come to pc, but gta is too big of a franchise not to and every gta game has been on pc and last time round with 4 it was released about 6-8 months later on pc, it wasnt even announced until after the game launched on consoles, so there you have it, that is going to happen, now what version to purchase...

Kleptic1713d ago

people...just shut up about it...its COMING to PC...Nvidia already leaked it in an investor conference call at the end of August...

the only thing unknown is the date...I'm guessing early 2014...

JsonHenry1713d ago


Jahbu1713d ago

I just don't get why so many people are so against a PC version...This game should be on ALL PLATFORMS not just two.

Plagasx1713d ago (Edited 1713d ago )

RDR was developed by Rockstar San Diego... Rockstar North always releases main GTA games on PC.

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B-radical1713d ago

Imagine the mods the game already looks amazing

sephiroth4201713d ago

init! i cant wait, the mods for gta 4 are amazing, and i reakon when the pc version does come out it will have some cool mods up pretty soon after

ThatCanadianGuy5141713d ago

PC master race

Still begging for console ports lol

Detoxx1713d ago

Says "DayZ" which is a PC exclusive

ThatCanadianGuy5141713d ago

Yeah, and?

I play my PC and console almost equally.I'm not part of the typical PC elitist group that trashes consoles at every turn.

You seem upset, friend.You should relax a bit, sign some petitions maybe.

CrustifiedDibbs1713d ago (Edited 1713d ago )

".I'm not part of the typical PC elitist group that trashes consoles at every turn."

Maybe not, but you are absolutely part of the Sony elitist group that bashes Xbox at every turn. How is that any different? You and the rest of the sony drones are easily worse than any pc elitist on this site. People like you are the plague ruining this website for everyone else.

ThatCanadianGuy5141713d ago


What do you mean how is it different..?

The back and forth banter between playstation and xbox gamers is not at all comparable to the PC fanboy whining.As you can see from the replies, it's just a lot of illogical finger pointing and crying.

"You and the rest of the sony drones are easily worse than any pc elitist on this site. People like you are the plague ruining this website for everyone else."

Wait a minute, let me just check your comment history..

annnd, as expected, 100% crying about sony fanboys.Too predictable.You guys tend to ignore the Mass amount of xbox fanboy trolls and play the victim card.

Xbox fanboys are JUST as bad.If not worse.
You're just mad because they're in the minority here.

CrustifiedDibbs1713d ago (Edited 1713d ago )

"The back and forth banter between playstation and xbox gamers is not at all comparable to the PC fanboy whining."

Hahahaha. Whatever you say kid. You have to be pretty delusional to believe that one. Pretty sure Sony kids are the one who bitch if one of their exclusives get anything less than a 9.

Yeah I hate Sony fanboys, but I really enjoy Sony consoles. I play everything... Even xbox... Crazy right?

Where are the " mass amount of Xbox fanboy" on this site? I don't even see many. You can't even comment pro Xbox in an xbox article without being attacked by people like you. You and the rest of your Sony drones derail conversations In nearly every article just like you did here.

Go ahead and think pc fanboys are the worst, I know it's just a way for you to make yourself feel better about being a pathetic fanboy.

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come_bom1713d ago (Edited 1713d ago )

"PC master race
Still begging for console ports lol"

Just like the console master race begging for PC exclusives on their system of choice... so whats your point ignorant "DayZ" (PC exclusive)?

BTW, GTA started in the PC (if I'm not mistaken) ignorant "DayZ" !

ThatCanadianGuy5141713d ago

What console master race? I never see any console gamers boast ridiculous statements like that.Which is my point entirely.The high and mighty, glorious PC gamers once again begging for console games.

Do you not see the irony?

And yep, GTA did start on PC.I have fond memories of playing that game for hours after school.What does that have to do with with PC gamers begging for the port of GTA V?

And please, stop with the little "DayZ" jabs.What are you even trying to imply? Where did i suggest it should come to console? You're grasping at straws.

come_bom1713d ago (Edited 1713d ago )

"What console master race?"

Humm... I guess you haven't been paying attention lately on N4G, Sony fanboys behaving like master race with the PS4!

If you don't get the "DayZ" jabs, then I'll draw a sketch to see if you get it.

hiredhelp1713d ago (Edited 1713d ago )

Stop schoolyard scrapping I WANT this game on my PC whats point in tryin to get into a fight about it it will come. And later on so will the king of mods example realistic mods.
Witch expand the game more i cant wait there millions steam users huge GTA fanbase even on PC it will come. R* just want to ship it to consoles this gen first.

Still begging for console ports .. Lol how about wanting a Game that have always been on pc since psx days if you have nothin constructive to say without thinking before you talk i suggest you just not comment.

ThatCanadianGuy5141713d ago

If you're not part of the PC elitist crowd then you should not be so offended.

hiredhelp1713d ago

Mate i started back in early 80s gaming buddy im a all round gamer console or pc gamer but my hobby is building comps too. elitist is a silly word just like i hate word fanboy im not butt hurt by no means no skin off my nose mate.
i just think the comment you made could be thought first.

B-radical1713d ago

Yusm console port until the mods roll in

JsonHenry1713d ago

No but you ARE a Sony elitist given your previous posts. Pot calling the kettle black here.

Detoxx1713d ago

I'm not upset at all. It was just ironic

pandehz1713d ago

Lol I want GTA V not your shitty console port.

Go play on your radios and microwaves.

wtopez1713d ago


What we have here is a "You came to the wrong neighborhood" type of situation. I own both a PS3 and Xbox and I'm still gonna wait for the PC version. It'll be the definitive version of the game.

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Animal Mutha 761713d ago

They know that they would lose a lot of console sales to pc piracy if there was a pc version option at launch. They are just being clever. Make all the money at the start on the consoles then top it up with some pc sales later.

crxss1713d ago

PC piracy not console piracy. Not all consoles can run pirated console games. All PCs can run pirated pc games.

Animal Mutha 761713d ago

You and I both know that the console and PC games markets are of a completely different scale. If you are going to lose a few sales then selling the consoles first is the lowest risk.

We also both know that hacking consoles is comparatively hard and they represent a smaller percentage of risk compared to a pc torrent file.

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