Is the absence of a unified achievement system on the Wii U truly a detriment?


No one can deny that achievement systems have taken storm in today’s modern gaming landscape. Hundreds of articles of sprung up over the internet educating gamers of all sorts on which games to rent, decimate in a short amount of time, and reap the benefits of receiving a substantial boost to their gamer score or trophy collection with little to no effort. What is it about hearing that congratulatory chime that drives so many gamers almost to the brink of insanity, all just to bolster the scores and trophies of their virtual profiles? Is it their inner completionist? Their inner addict? Or are these records of virtual feats accomplished used simply to boast about ones superior “skills” over others? This is a phenomenon that I have been intrigued with for quite some time, and I would love to initiate a greater discussion on this topic.

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steve30x1498d ago

I really dont understand why people find achievements so great. I can live without them. What the WII U is missing is proper games like GTA V or a proper racing game like Gran Turismo or Forza. If they had their own decent racing game like GT or Forza and GTA V I would buy a WII U.

Starbucks_Fan1498d ago

I've always liked achievements because it adds replay value.

truechainz1498d ago (Edited 1498d ago )

The replay value was always there. The only thing that achievements do is spoonfeed the info to you and give you a numerical value to it. I used to love fishing for new cool things to do in a game and don't really need a system to tell me that it would be cool to get 1,000 kills or beat a game on its hardest level. But some people do enjoy it as well so if there is demand then it would make sense to fill it.

UltimateMaster1498d ago

It is a great feature to have.
But on the list of priorities on how to make the Wii U better, this isn't really one of them.
I'd start by having better graphics in general in all games, including the Miis.

Thantalas1498d ago (Edited 1498d ago )

Achievements are not for everyone - anybody who doesn't like them can ignore them. But for those who enjoy earning them they add to the experience and can add more gameplay value as you try to earn extra achievements from a game.

In an age where sharing with Facebook and Twitter is important to many people, what both Microsoft and Sony have done very successfully with their Achievements/Trophies is allow gamers to have a permanent high score record that is publicly viewable. It also means gamers build up a closer relationship with their console.

The Wii U has no such scoring system and so for gamers who enjoy achievements they feel that gaming on the Wii U does not record their gaming successes. Kinda like winning a football match but not being given a medal for it.

Sony implemented Trophies some time after the PS3 launched and if technically possible Nintendo should add their own achievement system to the Wii U. I am sure there are a ton of gamers who would love achievement recognition for completing the next Mario game.

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n4f1498d ago

the only thing i disagree with is the sharing on facebook and twitter. nobody care about you killing 1000 gomba.
i prefer mii-verse for sharing anything gaming related

PopRocks3591498d ago

"The Wii U has no such scoring system and so for gamers who enjoy achievements they feel that gaming on the Wii U does not record their gaming successes."

I have to offer a rebuttal; what about Miiverse functionality. As long as the game is not online, you can hit the Home button at ANY time and take a screenshot in the game and post it on Miiverse. You can also take those images from Miiverse and use them on your computer.

I now it's not quite on par with the modern achievement/trophy system, and by no means am I trying to say it is, but if we're talking about being able to keep a record of accomplishments or showing others "Hey, look at what happened in my game here," couldn't it just as easily be said that that is what Miiverse is for?

Thantalas1496d ago


2. FIFA give medals to all the players at World Cup Football finals.
Many Football leagues across the world also give medals.

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svoulis1498d ago

I think people like it to flex their e-p33n honestly. I like them to try and challenge myself to complete 100% of the game as possible with some type of indication, that I've done all I could do.

jackanderson19851498d ago

achievements add replay-ability to a game that might otherwise be a once off run through... that being said these days with the MP achievements and the achievements for pushing the A or X button they're a little redundant

mcstorm1498d ago

@steve30x Lego city is the WiiU's GTA game. Ok its not got a 18+ game but its a lighter version of GTA and imo a lot more fun as I have never been a GTA fan. I do wish Nintendo would look at doing a Sim game but I own all consoles so don't miss out on GT and Forza anyway. But that said Nintendo has games like Mario Kart and Super Smash Bros which noting on the MS or Sony platform comes close to.

For me im happy for all 3 to have different types of games as it gives a reason to own all 3 consoles.

As for the Achievements it would be nice to have them on there but it is not something im into doing on the PS3 or 360 but I know a lot of people who play through games to get them all.

I do like MiiVerse and once it is on the 3DS as well it will make it even better. One thing I would like to see happen is that Nintendo start to bring the 3DS and WiiU closer with cross platform games like they are doing with Super smash bros.

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matgrowcott1498d ago

Yes. It's not the biggest problem, but when you have something as great as the Miiverse, you should try and make it a little more about specific games, rather than a blanket forum system.

I don't need achievements necessarily. Just a bar that says how much of a game I've completed. So long as the competitive part of achievements is there, I think most people would be happy.

BOWZER351498d ago

At least you can post your achievements on miiverse right after you do something like your scores, or put a picture showing the proof. An achievement system wouldn't hurt though.

Xof1498d ago

I've never seen anyone complaining about a lack of achievements from Nintendo.

I mean, seriously?

It's a lack of a unified ACCOUNT system that people are complaining about.

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