Brace Yourselves, Monster Hunter 4 Is Coming

"What's it like to be in Japan on Monster Hunter day? Well it's like any other day, except a crapload of people are inside game stores and all your StreetPasses look the same." -GR

One gamer's account of roaming Japan on the day of Monster Hunter 4's release, and an inside look at what its place in Japanese culture.

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Beetey1917d ago

Now if it would only come west...

LordDhampire1917d ago

Monster hunter, greatest series ever

Perjoss1917d ago

Any news on a WiiU version or is this 3DS only?

Feralkitsune1917d ago

3DS only, and no Western release dates. Unfortunately.

Beetey1917d ago

From here on out, I don't think I would expect to see very many more monster hunter games released for home consoles. I'm sure they'll port one here or there, but it seems like they have basically decided that there efforts are better spent on handheld titles. Hence MH4 being the first of the main, numbered titles to be on a handheld,