GTA 5: Xbox 360 vs PS3 Direct Screen Comparison

GR - "Rockstar has reached near parity with latest GTA for both consoles."

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GarrusVakarian1438d ago (Edited 1438d ago )

Look near identical to me, good job R*.

from the source:

-Xbox 360 has slightly better vegetation details and smoother/more detailed shadows.
-Ps3 has slightly better distance texture lod.

stone_cold1438d ago

ps3 version is the best for me

UltimateMaster1438d ago

The PS3 version looks better.
But that could just be something with the Xbox 360's TV being too bright.
360 version better, my ass.

GentlemenRUs1438d ago


I think you was looking for this ;)


mewhy321438d ago

PS3 is awesome. I mean look at this game. It could be next gen, just from looking. What an awesome system.

paul-p19881438d ago

We would expect the PS3 version to be better, it was the lead console this time around.

That being said, they still have to ensure it works on the 360 (and looks almost the same) and thanks to the tiny space of DVD's compared to Blu-Rays we won't see many differences between the two.

Next-gen GTA however, where the optical medium is the same, is gonna be a massive improvement on everything i would guess.

NukaCola1438d ago

This shows that PS3 lead games can lead to excellent multiplats. Everyone is going to be in for a current platform next generation title. Rockstar again delivers!

Larry L1438d ago (Edited 1438d ago )

I've been sick of the blatant fanboyism in the gaming (pseudo-)"journalism& quot ; industry since like 2007, but at this point, it's starting to get real silly.....but no less infuriating.

I mean why are these guys still out-right lying and telling us to not believe our eyes and our own experiences? Are people so easily brainwashed by anyone who calls themselves an "authority"?..... apparently, they are, because people have, and will continue to go around repeating this crap as though it's true. I thought people in general were sick of being lied to by authority and the media.

GTA4 and Skyrim are perfect examples......and not coincidentally the 2 biggest games hype-wise this gen. All the internet and media say is how much better both are on 360, meanwhile I have owned both versions of both games, and both border on being what I would call "broken" on 360, so many bugs and glitches it's rediculous, of which I would say I see NONE of on PS3. Almost every day, to this day, I hear co-workers and friends talk about all the glitches they ran into the previous night playing Skyrim 360. As much as I'd like to see backwards flying dragons and have my armor class randomly go down to 0 so I get one-shotted by a crab.....I can't say it ever happens to me, not even when the PS3 version was at it's worst.

So why does the internet and gaming :journalists" tell us the opposite? Is MS STILL paying loads of money to right a ship that's being raplaced in a couple months? Or does brand loyalty just run THAT deep in "journalists" that in most cases are supposed to be unbiased? Brands specific sites are one thing, I wouldn't expect OPM to review Halo. But when you're a site claiming to just be informing the gaming consumer to make the best possible choices, there should be consequences for purposefully dis-informing the consumer.

And now THIS pseudo-"journalist" is telling me that both versions of GTA5 look pretty much exactly the same with the only difference being the 360 version has better shadows and grass, yet the pictures provided when made full screen are pretty clearly showing the 360 version also having noticably lower quality textures (either that or they hadn't fully loaded up yet, either way it's a problem), and I think the lightling or something else maybe (I'm not a techie), whatever it's makking for an over-all more realistic look.

So.......Here we go again. The gaming media still using the mainstream media tactics of propaganda to help MicroSoft look to have a better product than they do in reality. Why? It's not like MS has earned or deserves the help anyway.

Sorry for the long rant....I tend to go on anyway......but this is an issue that's been festering within my head since like 2006......these horrible changes that took place in gaming media almost overnight. And For a little while there, I thought it was slowly changing back.....I'm disappointed that I was so very wrong.

Nintendo Power - 2005
"Hey, you and professionalism had a good run."

The_Infected1438d ago (Edited 1437d ago )

@Larry L

"The 360 version has better shadows and grass, yet the pictures provided when made full screen are pretty clearly showing the 360 version also having noticably lower quality textures (either that or they hadn't fully loaded up yet, either way it's a problem"

I agree and it's not that big of a deal but when the website says:

"Without a shadow of a doubt, the Xbox 360 version comes out on top for this one" is BS.

They need to get their facts straight.

ovnipc1437d ago

Cause ur a ps troll. Both look the same , and drones admit it 95% of multy plat games look better on xbox. Admit it stop trolling so hard, you trolls with out looking at the pics jumo saying ps3 look better, they look the same!

wishingW3L1437d ago

gameranx: "Without a shadow of a doubt, the Xbox 360 version comes out on top for this one"

But I don't even see a difference! How does he know the Xbox version looks better when both versions look exactly the same?

Raf1k11437d ago

Looks like darker shadows on PS3. I'm sure GTA4 had this issue too. Shadows were simply too dark sometimes but hopefully it won't be a problem this time around.

Death1437d ago

From the images the PS3 colors are too distinct and the shadows unnatural. Could be the settings of the tv used. The 360's "washed" out textures make it look more realistic. Both are great looking games. If you didn't have labels or side by sides you wouldn't know which is which.

BlackTar1871437d ago


95% is a pure fanboy comment.

InMyOpinion1437d ago

@dark_101 - They look a bit crap on the PS3.

I think I will be happy with the 360 version. Just as I've been with all other Rockstar titles so far. Lead console this, teh Cell that. ;)

AngelicIceDiamond1437d ago

They both look the same which means they both look fantastic.

One console doesn't have the edge over the other. Plus R* said both versions look the same, in which they do.

Seems like most of you just look at the PS3 version and automatically choose that platform, since its N4G favorite console in all.

BallsEye1437d ago


Look what happens with palms on ps3.. open both links and change tabs



JokesOnYou1437d ago (Edited 1437d ago )

"Without a shadow of a doubt, the Xbox 360 version comes out on top for this one, but barely." - See more at:

-I couldnt tell much but again I don't count pixels, both look great, just good to see the supposedly weaker xbox 360 showing its muscle after all these years. Funny how that works

tokugawa1437d ago

looks identical. no difference what-so-ever

JarqueMcLark1437d ago

Have you seen the trailer for the 360 version? It looks way better -

WiiUsauce1437d ago

of course it is. lol, this is Sony land.

Gaming1011437d ago

I bet these are identical images just with the Gamma turned up on one version, it wouldn't surprise me as we've seen that before with so called "comparison sites".

KazHiraiFTW1437d ago

Every scene looked pretty much the same except for the last one with the trees. The 360 version definitely has some sharper textures and shadows. Overall both versions don't look that great and are slideshows @ >30fps. I'll wait for the PC version thank you.

MysticStrummer1437d ago

"just good to see the supposedly weaker xbox 360 showing its muscle after all these years. Funny how that works"

How funny can it be, when Rockstar are one of the few devs honest enough to admit that their games were gimped because of the 360?

No_Limit1437d ago (Edited 1437d ago )

Bad screenshots.

Here are the better screenshots showing that the X360 version is indeed better.




dmeador1437d ago

Mr. Larry L, what you've just said is one of the most insanely idiotic things I have ever heard. At no point in your rambling, incoherent response were you even close to anything that could be considered a rational thought. Everyone in this room is now dumber for having listened to it. I award you no points, and may God have mercy on your soul... and I'd like to point out how Skyrim was literally unplayable for a large number of PS3 owners for a very long time

dragon821437d ago


+bubs for the Billy Madison reference. :)

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The_Infected1438d ago

The textures on top of the buildings in the first comparison are much sharper on PS3. Am I the only one noticed this?

Septic1438d ago

Yes...I'm squinting to see the difference but I can't see any difference.

Clearly the differences are minimal...visually anyway.

Now the performance of each game is the main factor.

The_Infected1438d ago


I agree it's not that big of a deal I was just pointing it out. Rockstar did an amazing job! Can't wait to get this game at Midnight!

u got owned1437d ago

@ The_Infected

If you count the leafs on the last comparison the PS3 come on top with one more leaf than the x360.

it looks the same people.

demonddel1437d ago

Hey I'm just asking this game looks pretty good for an open world game probably the best looking game this gen so if they wanted to with the right engine the 360 can run better looking games than some of the PS3s high profile games if not at least come close for a 8yr old weak system remember I'm just asking